Imperfection Complex and Nun’s Curtains

 photo WP_20160824_010_e_zpss8wsohqx.jpgStep in, forget to place second block and fall over.

You know it’s funny, I was reading an post about perfection the other day, at Healthy and Psyched, a wonderful blog, and fast forward to today, muddy and gardening again, squatting down to fiddle with something and I realised what had been holding me back. It wasn’t me striving for perfection, as you can well see I’m hardly anywhere near perfect, but it was the idea that I wasn’t good enough. It’s like I had a copper axe that would cut a tree in five swipes, but there is a silver axe that can do it in three, a gold that can do it in one, I played a lot of Harvest Moon, sue me, and then I get to wondering if I should even bother. I grew up knowing the usual braggarts, the: “I have a better this” or “I would do it this way”, but they never did, they just wanted to hear themselves talk and I foolishly believed them and didn’t believe in myself and consequently didn’t try anything. So I looked at the mess of weeds, carpeting too much of this garden and thought: Why the hell not? It can’t be any worse. And here we are, we’ll skip the psychoanalysis, I know what’s wrong with me already, garden has finally been 1/4 dug and finished. Well, mostly, the ground work is done, grass dug, raked, weeds removed, the matting down, borders placed. I just need flowers, flowers and more flowers! Jack, he of no faith in himself, has excelled, it isn’t perfect, no, it never will be, but it’s done and done well if I may say so. So, I’m getting back to my usual rambling style from here on out, but I felt it needed saying.

 photo WP_20160824_001_e_zpsdhich12f.jpgJust a bit more plastic for in between the pots, maybe more bark.

I’m filled with coffee and a sense of accomplishment. I spent five hours today, in wellies no less, how in good God’s name does anyone spend all day in those? my poor feet, but I can say that there is matting covering one quarter of the garden. There is a border all around, which may in time get a lick of paint, so my mother can strim with ease. I’ve bent more wire for pinning today than I’ll ever need to again, I hope. I use a 3mm thick wire, some bolt cutters and these hands, which I’d raise if they were so wobbly. I’m mostly using the permeable matting on this side. There are going to be a lot of pots and wall planters, so lots of water will be pouring out and over. The less stagnant water the better.

 photo WP_20160824_002_e_zpsdc837631.jpgEven this yellow poppy bush, I think that what it is, got covered.

I got the old, new actually, lump hammer out and hammered nails into the softer concrete to hold the matting down. Moss grows in abundance at the base of the wall, weeds all over so hopefully this stops them running wild and leaves them to more manageable quantities. I took the wood for the angled part from our shed, there was an old partition there, so there are nails in it, I drove those into the ground and used an express nail to drive it firmly down. I know that’s not how express nails work, but it worked for me! I have to drill holes in our path border next to screw down planters that someone, Naru!, keeps knocking over. Not everyone is screwy enough to screw down planters, but apparently Jack, your forever friend, is.

 photo WP_20160824_005_e_zpstcn0tu3t.jpgGooseberry bush atop bush – Photo by Jack

Something different? Yeah, I moved the barrel yet again, it’s the last time, I swear on that ridiculously heavy blue pain in my neck. The bulbs will fare better with less crowding and more light. I still have to plant them, I bought giant lollypop sticks to mark them. I’ll find a use for the glass someday. It’s an inch thick, maybe I’ll find something to make a table out of it with. It reflects the sky, that’s something, right?

 photo WP_20160824_004_e_zpscxqoitzk.jpgThat pot hides a stump. I’ll sort that later.

More matting! I have to change plans as the second rain barrel won’t fit. I’ll use guttering in reverse that side, so the water flows to the back, not flowing up into the sky. No, I don’t think you’re an idiot, you idiot. Oh, er, wait…come back you idiot! Heh. Sorry, any way, The  big plank of wood came from the base of the greenhouse frame. Probably shouldn’t have been there, but it’s mine now. More express nails driven through holes and it protects the matting, my head from tripping and bashing and it looks decent. Hey, it’s recycled, that’s good. The barrel will be risen on blocks, tapped and have an overflow pipe installed in time. That makes it sound fancy, it’ll be a cut off hose pipe and a hole. All the matting is pinned down to prevent injury, tearing and weeds creeping out through gaps.

 photo WP_20160824_003_e_zpsybt8axgy.jpgDon’t be koi…oh, wait that’s a carp. Darn.

I have to clean up those blocks. But this is pretty much done. I may put a few flowers around in pots, but I want to be able to walk around easily. The seconds barrel is going where the tree used to be. Same as here tapped and all that. It’ll mean there’s a barrel at either end and in the middle of the garden. I forgot to take a photo, but where the plastic is was dug up, weeded, look in the barrow, shaken and raked and cleaned up. That took some work, there were so many weeds. I think it looks good so far. I’m still looking at recipes, I made cottage pies yesterday, a bit of butternut with lots of harlequin, today was butternut pasta sauce. It never stops, does it reader?

 photo WP_20160824_006_e_zpsigbsf2bn.jpgWalk up here and strawberries!

See the plastic? It was better for here, I pierced it with a fork, so it should be fine. I can slash it if needs be. Now I should be able to walk up, pick strawberries all in a row, rather than all over the garden. I put the frame I made to use too, it’s for training a rose up all the rubbish at the end of our garden. A long story, curious reader, it’s a mess in there, I hope the roses will clamber and climb and cover it. Oh, we found a load of bulbs that were so covered by weeds they couldn’t grow. There are red flowers and daffodils, which will be re-potted and scattered about. There was a curious bird checking it all out, maybe it’ll take up residence in the house next year.

 photo WP_20160824_007_e_zpsxrb74lnj.jpgRoses for…all the rubbish?

Okay, the gross side. This part of the garden is reserved for dumping grass, weeds etc I hope to one day use all the compost there, but for now I’ve set up blocks to stop spillage and am piling cardboard over it to stop it getting too sticky. It smells already, but it’s in a corner no one bothers with. As this side is kind of useless I decided to not use matting and plastic might cause water to pool. So, I used what generations of gardener have used in these cases: Nun’s Curtains! There’s a pattern on the other side. They’d have been tossed away otherwise. It should keep the weeds down and allow the wheelbarrow to wheel in easily. It’s all pinned down too. So that’s it for today. The weather is supposed to be getting bad again. I’ve done a lot in two days so I’m glad for a break.People might laugh at our hodgepodge garden, but when all the flowers re in bloom, the bees are buzzing to and fro, the vegetables are growing, the fruits are setting, well, it should be all worthwhile. I’m only one person and I’m doing the best I can. It’s better to try if nothing else. See you all later.

 photo WP_20160824_008_e_zps1uggklej.jpgNun’s curtains, ah yes, the old Nun’s curtains gambit.

 photo WP_20160824_009_e_zpsxszntjrs.jpgDon’t put that online! – My Mother


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