Nuke Proof Squash

 photo WP_20160809_001_e_zpsmpryk8ve.jpgJust be a normal squash. Please.

This has been the longest run of successive posts, aside from when I first started the site. I’m using it to unwind. I’ve been overdoing it, circumstances just came together wrong and I’m getting a tad burned out. I figure a bit of joking around and story sharing might be the tonic needed. I often think that writing is cathartic. So, Jack here again, oh, the eminently loveable, yes I am, shush, rogue covered in a myriad of smells and strange stains. I would share the adventures of my days, but there aren’t any. I swear people lead incredible lives and I’m, well, just here. Such is life. My days would read rather dull. A little girl stopped crying because I held her hand and a golden retriever puppy went crazy to say hello to me. Children and Dogs love me, it’s all these people that are indifferent. But I have you, my ever overstated readership, you have to listen to my ramblings. All joking aside, your support means a lot to me. A little can mean a lot.

 photo WP_20160809_003_e_zpsj8ua83pf.jpgBro, the title. “Oh, yeah. Whoops. Look! Bark”

So, I cut up the Golden Nugget, the first, that above is the second, well, I say cut up. I’d need a band-saw to cut that rhino of a vegetable open. I’ve never had a squash so tough. I had to smash a knife into it with the heel of my hand. My knife that saws through anything couldn’t get through it. I think it was preparing for a nuke. I got a fair bit of flesh out, not much there, it was creamy but bland. A pity, but it’ll be great for muffins and bread. I froze the steamed chunks so I can add more an take out what I need as I need it.

 photo WP_20160809_002_e_zps1ai06jjl.jpgI actually like it now.

As you can see I got some decorative bark, more weed-matting too. The bark was on offer, luckily I shopped around and bought three bags for a little more than the price of one elsewhere.  It smells wonderful, either piney or mentholy. I have neither pine copse or eucalyptus grove so I can’t say which. It looks better than the first batch I bought, that was less decorative and more mulch. I hadn’t planned to fix up the garden for another few days, but the mood took me and I foolishly followed. It’s almost ready. Or at least as ready as it can be for now.

 photo WP_20160809_004_e_zpsbha8rjvc.jpgLooks better than just matting.

This is the first year I’ve tried anything like garden designing, I wouldn’t dare to call this anything so grand as landscaping, but I’m doing okay. I tried moving the cold-frame, no scratch that, I did move it and then had to move it all back because the ground is uneven. It’s a jigsaw comprising of heavy blocks all of which fit together only in a very specific way. I did get there in the end, back to where it was, but now with water permeable matting. It’s also covering the back so I can put pots there and hopefully the weeds and moss I scraped away will stay mostly away. There are still bits scattered about the garden that have been re-purposed into various pieces of this new layout. An old clothes pole and a piece of wood are now a lazy border. Best I can do for now. Still need more bark before it’s filled.

 photo WP_20160809_005_e_zpsspm8vhzm.jpgSome of the flowers had to be rehoused.

I should be digging up, and then giving away the results of, the large accidental potato bed soon, that’ll leave the squash, scattered strawberries, chillies and Brussels sprouts. It’s sad to see my verdant paradise is turning into a murky brown nothingness. I’ll have pots to fill soon, I might plant more garlic for next year. Which means buying more compost. Well, I don’t smoke, drink or any of that jazz so I might as well binge on the garden. I have the brackets to hang my coloured pots, now I have to  figure out where they’ll go. If it’s squash side they’ll have to wait. With the bushes gone from the other side there are a few empty places that might warrant filling in with pots of potential blooms.

 photo WP_20160809_006_e_zpsryouu8ro.jpgThe wooden planter just fitted between frame and cold-frame.

 photo WP_20160809_007_e_zpsx3su5yjw.jpgJust a little more bark. I can quit any time I want!

I’ll be trying the “hot” curry powder  tomorrow and regardless of it living up to its claim I’ll post the recipe. Nightshade free recipes are never plentiful so why deprive anyone of another? I’m still waiting on the greenhouse and planters, they’ll be finished in plenty of time for next year. I’m lucky I didn’t have to play for a new greenhouse or one of those fancy pre-made planters. No way would I be able to afford that kind of expense. This will probably end the run of similar posts, as I say it’s just been a bit of fun for me, I hope it hasn’t bored anyone. Until next time.


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