Has Hammer, Will Try Anything

 photo WP_20160808_004_e_zpsdz789aj0.jpgSo many pots awaiting flowers. Hey Max!

What? Me again? Don’t say that dearest readers, you’ll bruise my tender heart. I’m back again. The whims of nature are smiling on Jack it seems, the weather today was wonderful so I took advantage and started to work on the garden a bit more. Truth be told a lot of this was unplanned, some was serendipity and most of it was rough but serviceable. This garden is largely recycled. The soil keeps being reused, old pots reworked, plastic crates turned into planters. And the crowing achievement of  I can’t believe that fit: An old wooden frame with bits knocked out via a lump hammer became a border to help when cutting the grass. It’ll get filled with  more pots over time, which will in turn house bulbs and annual flowers. The double pot below was a clever, if I may say so myself, bit of ingenuity. There was a bush there and the root was impossible to move, so I cut the bottom off a pot, sawed away most of the bush, placed the pot over and filled it in, then placed another pot over that and stuck a flower in it. Rough but better than an ugly root. Speaking of which: The empty crate-planter below? That’s sitting on weed resistant matting, which covers two old cinder blocks, recently excavated from an old bed, that sandwich a stump, a crooked one due to bad a work man, no, not me!, that now lets the planter sit there quite steady. Better than a stump you couldn’t even put a pot on. It’s rough, as I say, but when the flowers are in bloom I think it’ll be preferable and much easier to maintain. Lastly, the serendipity: That wooden frame, rescued from a renovated house I believe, was tossed at the end of the garden, but I thought I might be able to cut it up to make a border of a sort. I knocked out some of the wood and was left with a rectangle that I said to myself had no way of fitting. It’ll be too small, too long, I thought, but it fit perfectly. Someone was smiling on jack this day. It needs more matting, more pots too, but all things in time.

 photo WP_20160808_001_e_zpsmdobmpdm.jpgThe crummy looking wooden planter used to be a foot rest or something to that effect.

I’m still moving my poor coal-scuttle strawberry, I’ll find home for it yet, it’s my favourite due to its tenacity. It grew the fastest, survived all manner of pests and even when inundated by other weeds, and plants, survived. I have bulbs ordered, a real eclectic mix. I have to wait for them to come into stock so they’ll be a while. Even longer before they grow, but at least when they’re down they’re down for good. I bought jumbo lolly stick to help identify them. I will have some annuals, Painted Sage is a must, it grows like a weed, Giant Swiss Pansies too, they take a while but they are lovely when they bloom, Californian Poppies will probably go in there too. It took about four hours, but time spent in good weather with good purpose is always worthwhile. I’ll be sore tomorrow. Today was the first day I was able to moisturise and apply sunblock to my new tattoo, I said you have to baby it and it’s true. So I should be able to worry about it a bit less and take full advantage of any sunny days that happen to crop up.

 photo WP_20160808_002_e_zpsg1gg3ngo.jpgThe Flame of the Forest, on the left and the pink bush thingy are planted in the ground, this is where the bulb bed was.

 photo WP_20160808_003_e_zpspfnliu0g.jpgMy Mother’s collection of garden ornaments.

The second frame also found a use as you can see. I tacked on the weed matting so it can be moved if needed. I’ll mostly likely fill the empty spaces with decorative bark. You can strim around the wood without worries. I even bought a lance to help water the flowers along the wall, though you could probably step in. Depends how tightly I pack in the pots. That’s the great thing about the black pots, they’ll conform to the space better, even on uneven ground. I have to move the cold-frame next, and the rose behind it needs transplanting, I’ll try to get it flush with the wooden-border. Then I dig out the bed beside it and expand it out. I do want to dry sinking bottomless pots into the ground and surround those with weed matting. I also have wall-troughs I might place above all this. I have a lot I’ll try, it won’t be perfect, but it’ll be done. I like to think that’s something. Too often a lot is said and little done. Once the potatoes are up there’ll be the job of lining and filling the large wood planters. That’s going to be some work, let me tell you. They’re currently sitting on the courgette, it was dying any way. Most of this will be one time work, it should just be light maintenance after this, no guarantees, but it looks good so far. Next will be moving the staging into the greenhouse, which now sports a weed mat flooring, pinned down with cut bent wire. Never thought I’d have another use for the bolt-cutters, they also cut numerous chain and, er, plants. Then I’ll be digging out where it was and turning that into another area for pots. There’s going to be a lot of empty pots for a while, but they’ll be easier to keep weed free than just bare earth.

That’s it for today. I have a new curry powder recipe, nightshade free naturally, that I have yet to try out I’ll post it when I do. I look to have another pair of second time around squash growing. Funny how they seem to want to grow side by side like that. I’ll hopefully have a viable Golden Nugget to carve up soon too. The rest are looking really good. There’s a lovely round one sitting on the bush. They may not be a waste after all, we’ll see in time. All things in time. Until next time.


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