The Bed That Jack Broke

 photo WP_20160806_002_e_zpsvlvhrsvy.jpgThese are the squash that Jack Grew. This is the soil that Jack dug. And this is the bed that Jack Broke, with a huge pane of glass. Whoops. – Excerpt from an Ode to Jack

No, I’m not releasing a  book of Jack based poetry. As much as you’d love it, just admit it, an entire book of garden haiku would be something special.

Put that pane down Jack
No not there you bloody idiot
Rest in peace bulb bed

Oh, bloody is one syllable. Wait, where was I? I seem to be in a writing mood, lack of jobs in the garden and miserable weather seem to have joined force to make me really dull. I’m not even thirty, I’m still young and hip. No, wait my hip hurts, that’s it. You’ll stick with me, ever youthful vivacious readers, right? You’ll take pity on poor Jack, who picked up the huge pane of glass below and rent his bulb bed asunder. Or just cracked the edge and rendered it useless. Probably for the best really, if it was that flimsy it probably wouldn’t last. I went with another plan that has been rolling around in my head. I took a whopping 170 litres of soil and filled pots with it, that’s not clever calculation on my part, no square roots, or cubic meters, or any of that maths jargon that has ever eluded me, nah, I just filled nine seventeen litre pots and a lot of long trays. I swear the wisest investment, aside from these wonderful pots, has been the two Euro scoop I purchased. I emptied the entire bed with it. Thankfully the soil was dry. The soil therein was actually the top grass I dug up from the front garden, a bag of potting compost and all the herbs that failed. Potato soil too come to think of it. It all ends up being reused, with a bit of my compost to return some of it’s nourishing properties. The strawberry barrel used all the compost from last years squash.

 photo WP_20160806_015_e_zpst10cej9b.jpgThis worked better than I thought it would.

I even found a use for the long planters. They all empty and awaiting bulbs, which are awaiting shipment, whilst Jack is just waiting in general. The human condition consists of waiting, waiting and further waiting, it seems to me at least. This is mostly next years work. I put weed matting down in the hopes it’ll stop it all getting overrun. It was no easy task moving that barrel, I felt as if I were steering the world’s most unwieldy bus. The blocks are there because they’d be in the way otherwise. They’re not a landscaping decision. Just a way to make sure I don’t fall over and break my neck on them. I hope this all works out next year. I like the look of it and being able to shuffle pots around as needed will be helpful.

 photo WP_20160806_017_e_zpszpkv59fb.jpgThose are hooks not worms, confused me too and I put them there.

Today I harvested my largest squash to date. Almost a full kilogram. It came from what I call the catch-up squash, which replaced a squash that died early on in the year. I may just make a pair of turkey cottage pies with it. I’m not sure yet. Maybe more gnocchi. One digression, no sniggering, I don’t digress that often, looking at the pots above I may just put four on either side. The fifth might be too cramped. This adds nothing to the post, but it’ll take it off my mind to write it down somewhere. I don’t know if anyone finds these kinds of aerial castle building posts useful, but they are enjoyable to type out. Perhaps in years to come I’ll look back on them and see what was actually achieved and which sky castles became so much airy rubble.

 photo WP_20160806_016_e_zpscgsmx1r4.jpgLooking at it four seems about right.

I cobbled together another strawberry planter, which now houses the strawberry plant from the no-longer-with-us bulb bed and a runner I potted. I think I have enough now. Next yup is finding a permanent place for all of them. I think beside the green house will work, but I’ll have to test it for a few months. You can get carried away with these kind of easy growing plants. I did hear of a wonderful idea using a pallet to grow strawberries in a vertical garden. Had I a pallet and space, for want of a nail the horse was led to water, wait, no, that’s not right. The crates work really well and hopefully the barrel hits its stride next year. If not then it may become a flower barrel.

 photo WP_20160806_014_e_zps7c3hehq1.jpgMy lavender got re-potted too. It’s about two years old now.

Aside from the squash, a few peas still clinging to life, a bit of basil that may die soon if I keep forgetting to harvest it, there isn’t much to report on. A lot of plans and work to do for next year. There’s no way I’d be doing any of this if I hadn’t started this journey. I have more bulbs to get, seeds later in the year. More planters too probably. Alright, that’s it for today. Hope to see you again soon.


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