The Remains of the Garden

 photo WP_20160804_005_e_zpsonxwkfmq.jpgPainted Sage is running wild. I have a white one, finally!

No, no, fear not, gentle reader, the garden isn’t dead, but it is getting there. Things are winding down and Jack is getting cranky. I love this garden, why can’t  I grow vegetables everyday of the year? Is it too much to ask for frost resistant, well, everything? No, that’s perfectly reasonable. No real purpose to this post, just a gentle nudge to remind you that I’m still here. I might have a new recipe tomorrow, all going well, if you’re following my Twitter feed you already know, if not then I’ll just tell you. Thought I was angling for followers, eh? Oh, paranoid reader! How could you? I honestly gave up on Twitter as a means to spread recipes, I still do it, but mostly I screw around with hashtags to mess with spambots. Sorry spell-check. Anyway, I’m trying Harlequin Squash Hash-browns. It may work, it may screw up, either way I’ll end up with something crispy to stuff into my face.

 photo WP_20160803_009_e_zpsbhj6cn12.jpgThis squash here will become something crispy.

 photo WP_20160804_001_e_zpshekkshgp.jpgThe other three became Cottage Pies.

I did have a point now that I think of it, firstly I should mention that the Squash Gnocchi was amazingly light and delicious, it went wonderfully with some oregano pesto, chicken and sweet potato, which I can now tolerate really well. Oh, the point, yes, what was it again? Oh, you see I’m still learning about the whys and wherefores of my weight-loss success, I think one of those is the balance of enjoyment in food and eating what will most benefit me. I eat a lot I’m pretty ambivalent towards, other foods I’ve trained myself to enjoy, a lot of the time I’ll eat whatever my plan states and not think too deeply about it. That can be a problem, burn-out is unpleasant when you have no out. My limits are numerous. So, in working with so much with my fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables I’ve been reminded of one technique to avoid complete burn-out. Working with new ingredients and finding new ways to tweak old recipes. I’m having an absolute blast figuring out what can be done with my squash, I’ve made a few variants of pestos, I’ve tried a lot of different vegetables that I might not have bothered with if I hadn’t grown them. I’m not saying you need to start a kitchen garden, because you could just pop to the shop and see what unusual or new to you produce is available. Be willing to try and take risks. Getting bored with food can lead you back to old bad habits. Having a set meal plan does help too mind. I can’t wait to eat those pies. Even the oregano pesto, a shame to waste I had thought, was delicious. You can do a lot with very little, you just have to be creative. You’ll enjoy it in the long run. The more skills and techniques you acquire the less cooking and baking will stress you out. Keep at it.

 photo WP_20160801_008_e_zpsgehqoec9.jpgThese are even bigger now. This will be my first ever second harvest, all going well.

 photo WP_20160804_003_e_zps16jatiss.jpgI grew potatoes. I can’t eat them, but I grew them! Hah!

Decorative potatoes, or as good as. The good weather will almost guarantee a second harvest of harlequin squash. The golden nugget isn’t so great, it has too many set and isn’t ripening fast enough. I’ll chop them up and freeze the chunks so I can use them as needed. There are no losses only lessons. I was stuffing the mystery squash “lesson” into the compost the other day. I’m going for all acorn style squash next year. Plenty of harlequin, but no matter how many you get once the last is eaten you still want more. Let’s see, what has Jack been up to, the peas are almost done, quite a lot harvested. I should have more beetroot. More strawberries, almost too many, nah, no such thing. I’m getting a bit boring as the season winds down, not much to report these days. Lot of plans, I’m buying bulbs for a bulb bed. Random bulbs that should bloom at different times of the year. I swear I’ll be burning through books because I’ll have no gardening to do. I’m going to be a very cranky Jack. Never to you dear reader. Okay, this as been a largely insubstantial post, maybe the future holds more. Beats me. See you soon.

 photo WP_20160804_004_e_zpswefmuznn.jpgSo pretty. I’m glad you didn’t go into the compost.


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