Jack and The Bean Stalks

 photo WP_20160716_004_e_zpss3vdwsmo.jpgFive months for that pun! Worth it. Totally worth it.

You’ve missed old Jack, haven’t you sentimental reader? Fear not, Jack is here, with an abundant harvest , or perhaps an accidental harvest. What’s an accidental harvest? That’s where you pick a cabbage and find you have a wealth of broad bean pods just out of sight. I can’t tell you how often I’ve felt like cutting off the seemingly useless legume’s stalks. But there they were, industriously growing in secret, nestled in amongst the peas, which have also yielded a few pods, but still need more time. I can’t eat these myself, but they’re being shared around. The cabbage is also for my Mother. It tuned out perfectly for her, nice and pale inside. More still to harvest, four I think. The broccoli is for yours truly. Everything has been blanched and frozen, no hanging about letting the fruits, or vegetables rather, of my labour degrade. The sun is scorching, the squash is doing incredibly this year, and yes I’m protecting my tattoo so no worries there. There is more to grow to maturity yet and plans to be made for their use. My garlic is almost cured. I’ve lost the photos I took when I harvested it, but you can trust old Jack. If I’m going to lie about anything it ain’t going to be garlic.

 photo WP_20160716_005_e_zpsascpdfdn.jpgBroad beans. The pods interior is so silky. These are just a few.

 photo WP_20160716_006_e_zps1qohzzgm.jpgSome of the peas, still more left to grow. These are pea onward, very sweet or so I’m told.

 photo WP_20160716_002_e_zps277hq2qe.jpgThey grew in small, medium and large.

 photo WP_20160716_001_e_zpsfthyn1i5.jpgIt was so tender when cooked. It only took a minute to blanch.

 photo WP_20160716_003_e_zps5ncx1pu3.jpgI think this is Ormskirk. But don’t go by me. I’ll get the names written down next year to avoid confusion.

 photo WP_20160716_007_e_zpsxukzykhe.jpgBasil Curry using fresh Cinnamon Basil which hasn’t died and is really strong smelling. Delicious too.

So today is one of those wonderful days in the garden where all the hard work pays off, the harvest is bountiful and Jack is content. Oh, I added fresh broccoli to the curry, I cheated with almond butter and even used way too much basil. In cooking I don’t rigidly follow the rules. In baking, well, you don’t often have a choice. Not much else to say. One thing, sightly related to the last post: I think I’m better at healing wounds now, I don’t mean in some kind of science fiction way, more than my body isn’t struggling like when I was unwell and over weight, those bygone, well gone, fat days. All this work really pays dividends. I just wanted to share some happy serendipity. The world could use a few more smiles, that’s one thing there can never be a surplus of. Okay, that’s it for today. Class dismissed. As always think kindly of Jack and I’ll be back soon.


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