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 photo WP_20160712_001_e_zpsgvxf7ucc.jpgHmmm? Come here a moment. Now you know.

Hey, it beats Oi! Fathead. Well, dearest of readers, I’m here again with a short post. I will be back probably tomorrow with the second half of the Purée Bread post. I had planned to use fresh courgette but the rain made it rot so I’ll instead be using butternut squash from the supermarket. You may know from following me on Twitter, stop laughing I have followers, probably, but if not I’ll say it here: Next month marks four years with the weight off. If you’re new then know that I’ve lost 140 pounds or 10 stone if you rather. I’m still a little dumbfounded that it’s been four years with no lapses. It’s about six and a half years in total. Let me tell you, the journey never really ends. So, on a happier note, I’m getting a tattoo to commemorate the occasion. Just a small, meaningful wrist one. Nothing gaudy, I don’t have enough undamaged skin left to get anything grand, so I’ll ration what I have. I’m really excited. My current lone tattoo holds a lot of meaning to me, most of which no one else knows about, well except one. Just to be a pest I will say this: Wait, if you want a tattoo remember it’s for life and waiting a few years isn’t going to matter if it is something you really want. Remember also that mistakes happen, regrets are a part of life and even if you end up with a silly tattoo it’ll probably have a story attached to it. I’m being careful, well because I’m always careful and, again, skin. I’ll post pictures when I get it.

 photo WP_20160712_005_e_zpsvzth6ho4.jpgEverything I photo looks like…well, you know. Why?!

We have a new variation. A new Gnocchi, which is already made with buckwheat and sweet potato so it’s already rather different, this time we’ve gone all out and, huh? We? Why me and Jack, no I’m joking, obviously the royal we, made Carob Gnocchi! Whole recipe is on the link. Now, you might say that carob isn’t all that Italian, right? Apparently it is getting used in pasta. I’ve seen Italian language websites selling carob pasta, no idea how big it is, but I figure I can ape it as much as I like. I’ve never been traditional anyway so I might as well go for broke. So we end up with what? A brown, slightly lighter gnocchi that does feature a strong taste of carob. Really nice if you enjoy the taste. I often say I want to see carob used more in savoury recipes and I always end up being the poor guinea-pig that has to make it and test it. Jack: the mastermind behind the new carob craze. He eats carob and lost ten stone. There must be a correlation. Buy my book to find out. Heh. The carob does make it a bit stickier, no more than using squash instead of sweet potato so it’s just a matter of flouring it a bit more. How you shape it is up to you, I just ball and squish. No cracking though, see, that’s good, I think. Then when it’s cooked I half it. I like it how I like it. The end product isn’t sticky, nor is it dry which is nice. I used an egg with it this time, but the flax-egg version should be fine too. Not much else to say. Did you know, that I’ve never eaten gnocchi before I made it myself? Same with pesto, probably most of these recipes. I used to eat terribly. I do better these days.

 photo WP_20160712_006_e_zpscusc1g0c.jpgThis is half of what I need to do to stock the freezer.

I also made Pumpkin Spice Buckwheat Bread Loafwhateverit’sallhere. Pancakes too, I like them without sugar as a sandwich. Which I made too as it was teatime. I halved my Cinnamon Chicken Recipe and mixed tahini, cinnamon, way too much grated garlic, honey, salt and pepper into a thick mess, I mean spread, slapped that onto a pancake, topped that with the chicken, chopped and refried,  and covered that with another pancake. You can’t say it’s in any way common, nah, but it’s really good for you, fats, seeds, protein, spices, all that jazz. I don’t make a big thing about super-foods here because so many foods are super. You too can learn to throw things together, forget tradition  and eat well, it takes time to find what suits, but stick to it. This was far more enjoyable to a bland ham and cheese. Which I’ve been eating for some reason, I’m bored with that and this is much better and far more enjoyable so this wins. Try as I might nothing looks pretty, not that I try, but I like to pretend I didn’t just toss it all on the pancake and stuff into my maw. I have a fan base to think of, my readers are really impressionable, or I hope at least gullible, they look up to me, because I’m so tall and they want an example, of what to avoid. All joking aside, I do appreciate all your support. But you can’t have my sandwich-pancake thing. My sancake? My panwich? In Japan they call them hotcakes, an Anime taught me that so take that as you will. It also thought me how to prune apple trees. I keep busy. Until we meet again.

 photo WP_20160712_007_e_zpsuf0u86j9.jpgNo, I did not eat my phone. Aka my Mp3 player.


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