Zero Icing Sugar Dilemma

 photo WP_20160708_012_e_zpslqd6g3iq.jpgFor the bread check this post.

As always just follow the blue hyper-links to get the recipes. You thought I was just making bread, didn’t you? Hah! Or rather: Nah. I was also making cake and curd. I accidentally bought grapefruit. Hmmmm? How does one go about accidentally acquiring grapefruit? Well, I hefted some rather large oranges and after marvelling at their size tossed them unceremoniously into the shopping trolley. Then discovered my blunder when I unpacked the shopping. No harm, no foul. I just took my Curd recipe and with one tweak I made grapefruit curd. The trick, why you’ll have to subscribe to my special recipe plan, joking, I boiled down the grapefruit juice, I started with 300ml and ended up with 100ml. I only used 80ml per the recipe. I also used a lot of zest, too much maybe, but it worked. I take it off in long strands rather than flecks. It turned out lovely and thick, there is a slightly strong taste from the grapefruit, but that balances with the sugar. Oh! I also used plain sugar, not caster and it was fine. All the changes or additional options will be added to the recipes on their respective pages. If anything here is unclear just ask me about it. I’ll make it even more unclear, no charge at all.

 photo WP_20160708_013_e_zpsx7tpozrw.jpgCurd. Fancy curd because I use a double boiler. Nah-nah-nah-nah-na.

I also made my basic Flourless Nut Cake. Which no-one has ever made and that makes me sad, sure it’s a bit involved, but it really is good. I swear! Ah, well, maybe some day. I blanched, peeled and ground my own almonds. So I know now that that works. Handy, huh? To blanch just cover the almonds in boiling water, cover those with a tea-towel and let sit for a few minutes, then peel by squeezing, dry and chill in the freezer before grinding. Less risk of mess that way. So, I made he cake and then realised I have no icing sugar for buttercream, but you know what? It’s lovely as is. I’m a bit ashamed that I so often masked the flavour of the cake in so much sugary goodness. I did try it with curd because I have no great sensibility when it comes to my sense of taste. I had it with coffee for crying out loud, don’t come here for flavour combinations and expect to come away satisfied. If anyone is ever willing to try this cake, well I’d be gladdened, that’ll buy you a wealth of nothing dear reader, but you’ll make this poor sap really happy.

 photo WP_20160708_016_e_zpsoa11bnhl.jpgIt’s spongy and light. An original recipe too.

So, there we are. i got you recipes like promised. I have garlic drying in my shed, failed tomatoes in the compost. Chillies flowering, purple for some reason. And books to read, I’m also looking for a long book to tackle, I’ve gone through quite a few, but I never tire of recommendations, hit me up and if I’ve read it we can feel superior to all the other who haven’t. Joking, we’re not elitist here. Unless you make my cake and then we’ll lord it over every other reader. Okay, I’ll see you again. Spare a thought for Jack, he has squash the size of two fists and is scared they won’t make it. Don’t take my squash, don’t take dear Cyril!

 photo WP_20160708_018_e_zps3q69l517.jpgGrapefruit, coffee and peanut butter that classic combination. *Urk*


4 thoughts on “Zero Icing Sugar Dilemma

  1. Oh my. I considered making grapefruit curd earlier this week and dismissed the idea. But I may have to go back and try it. I avoid added sugar and use champagne mangoes instead of the white crystals (sugar is like a drug for me). I’m making gluten free pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. Garbanzo beans, Eggs, Baking Powder, Salt, and maybe some vanilla extract. I’ll serve them with Greek yogurt cheese and lemon and lime curd. And maple syrup. Because we live in New England. Your cooking sounds adventurous. In a good way.

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    1. I’ve cut down my sugar by a huge amount over these last few years, but I still need, more like want, a bit here and there. I’m afraid to say I was a complete sugar fiend for most of my lie. That all sound really creative and delicious. I like trying new recipes, I don’t have a whole lot of options with food so I’ll take a chance whenever I can.


  2. If you’re interested in a book to read, The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction is available on Amazon. It’s a history (well, it’s mystory) of what happened when I started paying attention to how I felt. If you like word play and puns, it’s full of them. Nothing is sugar coated.

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