Buckwheat Flour and Puree Bread

2017 Update: Due to a problem with Photobucket, see here, there will be a lot of recipes without photos. I will be slowly redoing the recipe pages, as best I can, but many other posts will be impossible to replace. I’m doing this in my own time, while continuing to update the blog with new recipes and posts. If you’d like to donate, any amount appreciated, you can do so here. The site will always be free, the recipes will never be locked behind a paywall, but this is a lot of additional work. I’m not demanding or begging, just putting it there so if you feel like repaying my hard work you have that option. I don’t make any money from the site, all that I do here is to help others, I couldn’t charge for that.

I used a blender because I  just got a set of them cheap and wanted to use it. The eggs are really fresh and from well fed hens, hence the colour.

I always like to think that I tread a slightly different path when it comes to these recipes. I don’t use blends, nothing wrong with them or anything else I mention, I just can’t, nor do I use added starches. My recipes often celebrate single ingredients , at least I hope they do. So I don’t often find a lot of bloggers who bake in the same vein. Little did I realise that in starting this blog I’d not only find someone similar, but that I’d find someone who far exceeds me and someone I’ve come to deeply respect for her undeniable skill and expertise. I’m taking about Dr. Irena Tarvid of Cooking Without Gluten whom I hope won’t mind this preamble. I hope one day to be able to match her skill, maybe even exceed it. If nothing else we all win. More experience for me and more recipes for you. The bread recipe below is the first trial, (From here) this time with fresh apple pieces, I will re-try it with vegetable purée at a later date. Though I’d happily stick with just this version. If I ever think myself better than most I’ll simply have to bake this and shamefully slink back to my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up, if anything I want to be better than ever before, but this is such a wonderful bread that it really has knocked me for a loop. Go read the original recipe, there’s more in that one recipe to learn from than most blogs. This isn’t mere hyperbole, this is just an outpouring of respect. Thank you for this recipe Doctor.

It gets quite a rise so be prepared.

If this were wheat flour this would be spongy white bread, whilst my own, albeit similar bread, would be brown bread. As I said check out the original for an in depth review, this is just my usual ramble. That’s why you’re here, really. This is really simple to prepare, I went with fresh apple as I said and I will be back with a few more tries over time. The most labour intensive part is blending the egg and apple and as the original states you can use pre-made purée. I just got the eggs and had nothing much to hand. Even the chicken who laid them were killed because someone doesn’t want me having them. Why, Mr. Fox? Why?! It’s just a matter of wet to dry and you end up with with a thick elastic batter, strange way to term it but accurate. Then you add water, rinsing out the blender as you do, until it loosens to a porridge consistency, that’s the original’s term. Accurate. Pour it into a tin and there you go. Cor chase my Aunt Fanny up a gum tree, it’s done and dusted before you know it. What? My Aunt Fanny? If I had one I’d gladly let you chase her up a gum tree reader of mine.

It takes time to bake for a small loaf. But patience is rewarded with a wonderful loaf.

So the bread bakes and you slice it quickly and in haste. And there isn’t even a crumb. It’s warm and buttery, What? the butter just slid on there I swear. It’s soft with a slight crust. It reminds me of a wheat-bread from the long gone days, I can’t remember what type, but regardless it’s delicious. There’s no apple taste whatsoever. Cor stone the crows, it’s….what?…Wodehouse, curious reader, where do you think I aped my style?, just so good. I’ve popped mine in the freezer to have again and again. I think I’ll make this alongside my own bread and have a selection. This is much to good to be relegated to the once-in-a-while pile. This is an incredibly edible bread. There’s no added oil to boot. So go on and try this, I have another post and I can’t stay here holding your clammy hand all day. See you in a ‘mo.

“Type up the recipe you twit!” – My Readership, Probably

Fresh Apple Bread


150g Fresh Apple, Peeled and Chopped or 150g Steamed Vegetable Purée or 150g Raw Courgette, Chopped
130g Buckwheat Flour
10g Flaxseed Meal
2 Large Eggs
6g Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt

Makes one small loaf.
Can be frozen.


1. Preheat oven to 170c (No Fan).

2. Grease, with Butter, and line a 6×3 inch loaf pan.

3. Blitz the Apple and Egg together until smooth and set aside.

4. Add everything else to a bowl and shake together. Then add in the Egg mixture. Stir together with a fork until combined. Batter will be elastic and thick. Add a little Water until the batter is more of a runny consistency.

4. Pour batter into prepared tin and bake for 60 minutes, turning halfway if needed, until golden brown and a skewer comes out clean.

5. Cool in tin for 20 minutes, then remove and let cool completely on a wire rack.


13 thoughts on “Buckwheat Flour and Puree Bread

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  2. I am absolutely delighted that you love the bread. And it is strange, but the apple can’t be felt. Another unusual thing I noticed about this bread, it keeps its soft texture even on the third day. I am grateful for the try and publication of the recipe and have to point out strongly that your loaf is baked superbly! The raise is perfect and the crust does not split at all. My bakes are never than good. Thank you for your effort, the only problem for this bread – gluten free buckwheat flour is not that easy to find nowadays, nearly always it has traces of gluten.

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    • That’s really amazing, I find my bread doesn’t keep well and tends to dry out very quickly, so I end up freezing it quickly. I’m also going to try this fried in butter. Not healthy I admit but you have to live a little. I will also try it with butternut squash purée. Thanks again for this recipe. I’ve found it harder and harder to get suitable buckwheat flour. I buy it in bulk online, but I was at one time able to buy it in the shops. Though I think that was just luck rather than the shop being organised.

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      • I was hoping that you will try it with your own grown produce. It was on my list to try the selection of other vegetable puree, so I can cross this out. I also hope that the next big batch of buckwheat flour which is mainly grown in China will be free of cross contaminants and will come without allergen notice – traces of gluten could be present. All buckwheat in supermarkets is now not gluten free, I still have some very thick flour Aldi has some time ago. Health food shops supply is coming to an end and I truly hope that the new crop and world supply will come gluten free. This has happen not only in Australia, my readers from different countries report the same troubles.

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