Just One More Thing

No, no, this isn’t a Jack post. Though I did just harvest six bulbs of garlic. Almost a year to grow them. Pretty cool, huh? Let  me have my little victories, dear reader. Today is just a bit of an idle thought being fleshed out and it’s one of my, well, what I think of my Fat Days posts. You know, the Fat Days? Grim Fandango? You need to get some culture, tut tut. Joking of course. Mind you there is a glaring difference between the reference and the reality: We really should talk more about the fat days. You may have read these posts before and I often say that I keep my mouth firmly closed until the idea has fully formed and I feel that it can do no harm being expounded.

You know I should really type this out, return it it and then finally publish it after due consideration. I should. But I never do. I’ll change it so much that it’ll no longer make any sense. It’s rough and ready and no doubt rather simplistic. Perhaps this isn’t for you, it may be just for ex-fat me. Lord knows that kid is still trying to figure things out, not much of a kid either. Almost thirty. Next month marks four years with the weight off. Ultimately I know why I put it on, no excuses, I was ill, very ill and food was killing me and also a comfort. Looking back I often want to find something to share that’ll help, digging through the mire of what happened and hoping to stumble across something of use seems to have become a hobby of mine. Maybe not a healthy hobby, but one I can’t drop. There are probably a multitude of ways to explain it, but it boils down to a lot happened and I’ll just have to pick it apart, examine it and repeat, probably for the rest of my life.

In writing these I always fear falling into the trope of the over-bearing, sanctimonious bluffing adult. You know the type: I’m older so I must know so much. While they quiver inside at the fact that the world is a huge scary place that we can’t know everything about. Not to say there aren’t plenty of adults that do, they just don’t need to boast of their knowledge so much. I also think of Kurt Vonnegut’s tired with the pretensions and his great love for people style. If you’ve never read any of his books just do. Trust me, they’ll help you see so much without you ever realising it. I am an adult obviously I’m right. Heh. I hope this falls into the latter  rather than the former.

Today I just want to point out a pitfall that can hinder weight-loss or cause weight gain. It’s simple really, not this one weird trick to burn all the fat in your body with this trick simple, more oh, yeah, duh simple. I think of it as the second bite comedown. You ever get something delicious, like a decadent cake and that first bite is the acme of pastry, you just thrill at it texture and taste, a real gem of the bakery? Okay, sorry, Popeye jokes galore. You get me right? You better or else we’re in a quandary. Then you hit the second and it’s not quite the same. There’s none of that new flavour rush, the absolutely joy has dissipated, it hasn’t turned to ashes in your mouth, but it’s close. So you finish it all hoping for the same fervent feeling and it isn’t there. It’s the same when you make a sandwich, I mean you have to have crisps, you need that crunch, more butter couldn’t hurt either, and so on and so on ad nauseum. So every time afterwards the cake becomes a larger slice and the sandwich becomes bulkier, always chasing the chimera of that first time taste. There are probably a wealth of reasons why we do this, if you do indeed do it. I’ve found it still happens but I now say: I have enough in this, more won’t be better. That’s easier said than done, but after six and a half years at this I know a few tricks.

So, what does this do for you? Well, maybe nothing, but it may help you recognise a dangerous pattern in your eating. Look, no matter what I share it it can never be a one-fits-all panacea. But if one person sees this and realises that they might be falling into the same traps I’ve faced, then it was worth sharing. This doesn’t just apply to anyone over-weight, those losing and having lost weight face it too. I’ve often said this is a lifetime commitment, funnily whenever I read a story about Alcoholic Anonymous it reads the same to me as if it were about weight loss. There are dangers that one person will face that another will have no idea about. You might not struggle with this, but you might catch yourself saying: Just One More Thing a little too often. Maybe this will help you catch yourself and eventually you’ll help yourself stop. I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy food, but if it can’t make you happy in one bite then a whole plate isn’t going to. Okay, I’ll pack up the soapbox and ride away on my high horse. I’ll be back soon with something. Hopefully a new recipe.


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