How’d you Get the Sunflowers in your Garden?

Now we’re at Betty Boop references. Someday I’ll find someone like me and then we’ll both pester our readership with obscure references. I’ve been a bit AWOL as I’ve been decorating and DIYing. Quite a lot of work has been done, but thankfully I’m on break for a while. You know the one thing that I find bothersome? Without my planning ahead, and that’s not always completely possible, I can’t just grab something quick to eat from the shops. It all has to be made and when you’re tired out that can bother you. That’s life with Food Problems. What? I can’t think of a better collective term. But fret not reader of mine, I’m not here to complain. This post is just a bit of fun I’ve been having in-between painting, drilling etc. A few days worth of Sunflowers opening up in photographs.

 photo WP_20160627_003_e_zpsaybvwlsw.jpg

 photo WP_20160628_001_e_zpsuvdmzv0n.jpg

 photo WP_20160630_005_e_zpstga9aurk.jpg

This is the first to open. It still has five heads left to open because of course I ended up with multiple heads. The second is larger and may open tomorrow. I’ll try to get photos of the whole lot, only four, when fully opened. I’m pretty proud of myself. Sure, they’re in no way difficult to grow but this is another first for me. Tick that off the bucket list. You can see that the strawberry bed has been cleared out, bad varieties let run wild I’m afraid. I cleared it out and will instead be planting bulbs in it. I’m also dumping the dead basil into it. No I’m not crying, I’m just really sweaty, no, don’t cry oh reader, you’ll break Jack’s already fragile heart. Sadly most of my basil is dead because of the cold. I still have cinnamon and one dark opal left. I also have two more pots just started to germinate. Don’t give up until it’s over.

 photo WP_20160627_004_e_zpssgjndu7d.jpg

 photo WP_20160628_002_e_zpsexmcmkv2.jpg

 photo WP_20160630_003_e_zpswh9oveco.jpg
That’s the biggest one, so far at least, it has two big heads on the side too. It might be open soon. I just thought I’d show what the earlier stages look like too. These have been growing for about five months. Most flowers that started from seed are really coming into their own right now. Oh! I also have squash growing! Not only that, but squash is growing while the plant is still flowering which means more squash may yet grow. It’ll be nearer September before I harvest anything. There are still potential dangers to face and overcome. I’ve harvested my cabbage, they were Greyhound, the Ormskirk (I think it’s that variety) is a late Winter cabbage and huge to boot. So that’ll come later. The beetroot is all harvested, I still have some just started. It’s slowing down, but there is  lot of work and harvesting left yet. I’m enjoying it and I know this year has been kind. Makes up for last year, but fear not concerned reader, I won’t become complacent, I know next year could be treacherous. I’ll take on any weather if it means fresh herbs and vegetables. Flowers too I guess, when did I start getting so attached to those?

 photo WP_20160630_011_e_zps3hjcjwis.jpgDelicious gammon steak.

 photo WP_20160630_012_e_zpssvyi4ppq.jpgNo, wait, it’s Scones.

One of my beets was tiny so I boiled it up for natural food colouring. Just chop a beet up, boil it in plenty of water and leave uncovered until a tiny bit of the water remains. Drain and save the water. It’s just a silly bit of fun, I can’t use food dyes to to my histamine intolerance. So I used it in some Buckwheat Scones and topped those with some Chia Jam that I made from 75g Peeled Apple, 225g Frozen Strawberries (From the garden), 30g Chia Seed and 50g Caster Sugar. The strawberries were amazing, so tasty and the apple helped thicken it up. The recipe is linked and you can put it all together yourselves. As you can see the beetroot juice doesn’t colour it vibrantly, but it doesn’t look too bad either. You can do it with turmeric, spinach and anything that will release pigment when boiled. I’m having a hard time not eating all the jam right now. Okay that’s it for me for now. I’ll be back with new recipes whenever I find them. Helpful aren’t I? Later.


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