Who Goes With Jack?

 photo WP_20160625_002_e_zpsdvpewzau.jpgYeats is spinning in his grave. As are all the other Author’s whose works I’ve raided for post titles.

I feel I should start with some welcoming burst of queries after your well-being, but I don’t care, just joking dearest of all readers, it’s just not me. Of course I do care, why I’d have you over for a duck dinner, you bring the duck. You know by now that when Jack appears the garden is usually not far behind, mostly likely it’s being dragged to and fro on my boots. We have our first squash harvest, it’s a round zucchini. I was given it as a seedling, but I don’t know what variety. Story of my garden right there. This is what we in the know, as in I know how to Google, call a Summer Squash. You cut them immature and small and that’s it really. I only have one so far. It was bland and tasteless. Hmmmm? I should sell you on it more? But what of truth, morally bankrupt reader?! It’s a zuke, they’re bland and dull, you can tell I’m a Winter Squash fellow. Nothing beats a matured, thick flesh squash. Still waste not want not. It was used in a quick smoothie.

 photo WP_20160625_004_e_zpsrzjnac38.jpg1 Banana, 1 Peeled Medium Sized Apple, 100g Zucchini, with skin on or not, a dash of maple syrup to taste and water as needed.

See? I ate it. It tasted of banana mostly, but then again that’s true of most smoothies. I harvested more strawberries and two cabbages. I don’t eat cabbage myself, but my Mother loves it. These two were blanched and frozen so we’ll see how they fare. I’d hate to waste anything I grew, but that’s what the compost bin is for. No waste that way. I took up my second to last beetroot, unless the others grow too, that I don’t know what I’ll do with. Another smoothie perhaps.

 photo WP_20160625_003_e_zpsonxdep9x.jpgOnly the hearts were used, but: compost!

I think I’ll go to ten squash at most next year. Unless I get a huge container, in which case I’ll grow a pair of larger squash. Like crown Prince or Hubbard. Not that it’s a given they’d grow, but Jack can dream of larger squash. I think there are a lot of squash with fruit set, some are swelling and other’s look good. It’s getting colder here so that means the un-pollinated fruit hangs around longer and gives you false hope. Sadly most of my basil is dead or dying. They don’t tolerate cold at all. Well, except the Cinnamon and Dark Opal, fingers crossed they may survive in colder weather. Luck, luck is a huge part of all of this. Not much else to share. Just a few photos, most of which you’ve seen the earlier stages of, but this is a work in progress. Me and Mother Nature working together, most times at least. Talk to you all soon.

 photo WP_20160625_008_e_zpsqlsdtonx.jpgI like the Lavender coloured one. Giant Swiss is a real misnomer. Giant my….er…compost.

 photo WP_20160625_009_e_zpsludceqth.jpgThese kinda look angry.

 photo WP_20160625_006_e_zpseaqzwecx.jpgThe tall one is my favourite. Keep reaching for your dreams, you’re an annual you’ll be gone soon.

 photo WP_20160625_007_e_zpsp87xf1yq.jpgCarrots, Turnips and Bok Choi. All need thinning out. Next fine day, I swear!

 photo WP_20160625_005_e_zpsvxqkbcdf.jpgMy sunflower’ s head is starting to droop. Which is good…I think.

 photo WP_20160625_010_e_zpsvnbjhgyt.jpgThe painted sage isn’t far from blooming.


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