Strawberry Mousse

 photo WP_20160621_008_e_zpscrzaqvq3.jpgI only have one photo because I forgot to take any more.

Mousse in a pint glass? Well, yeah, this is the part where you realise I’m not about displaying food. I’m just Joe Average (Peanuts reference not a typo), I can’t pose a photo to save my life, nor will I ever over-sell you on a recipe or idea.Fair trade, right? I’m just straight-forward, somewhat dull by consequence. Just a quick recipe today, but one I’ve always shied away from. I mean, mousse, that’s fancy, right? That’s the way I used to think, not so much now. Really mousse is pretty basic, if you can whip cream or egg whites you’re golden, if not, then learn, it’s rather easy. A lot of things are scary until you try. I used strawberries from the garden in this, they smelled wonderful and with all the sugar in this were really sweet. This is really basic, it tastes lovely, but I think it could’ve used more whipped cream for a bit more body. I opted for decoration free because I was feeling lazy. The original recipe can be found here. I’m in no way knocking it, it’s simple, but thankfully gelatin free where so many others aren’t. I enjoyed using my own strawberries more than anything else, which leads me to another point. Jack post below. You love me really, patient reader, or are at least kind enough to leave me to my delusions. Okay, I have another recipe to look up while I have the double cream. Something fast, might be a bust, I’m not sure yet. Until later.


150g Strawberries
120g Caster Sugar
2 Large Egg Whites
60ml Double Cream
15ml Lemon Juice


1. Blitz together the Strawberries, Lemon Juice and Caster Sugar until smooth.

2. In a bowl beat the Double Cream, on a low speed, until soft peaks have been formed. Fold in the Strawberry Mixture until a uniform colour has been achieved.

3. In another bowl beat the Egg Whites until soft peaks have been formed. Gently fold the Egg Whites into the Strawberry Mixture, avoid knocking too much air out, until everything has combined. Pour into glasses and leave in the fridge to set for a few hours.

 photo WP_20160621_006_e_zps1bstvelf.jpgMy first ever cabbage! It’s Greyhound….I think.

 photo WP_20160621_010_e_zpslg3dkqhn.jpgDark Opal Basil.

 photo WP_20160621_009_e_zpspfarylvl.jpgPurple Ruffles and Dark Opal.

 photo WP_20160621_011_e_zpsdcdssqtl.jpgI made it…it’s something, right?

I said I’d make purple pesto, little did poor Jack know that that seems like a threat when it looks like, well, look at it it! It turns a horrible hue, but I tell you something, non-judgemental reader, it tastes really great. There’s a sweetness running through the classic basil taste. Sure it doesn’t look like much, but the taste is what matters. Sadly a cold spell has knocked out my big basil pots, they’re not fully dead yet, but they’re failing. I’ll try taking cuttings and I have seeds down, but it’s looking bleak. I have nine servings of pesto in the freezer so it’s not too bad. Just think positive thoughts and send them to your ever optimistic pal Jack. The Dark Opal is really nice looking, whereas the Purple Ruffles (A variation of he former) looks rough and is struggling. It’s all splotchy and hard to distinguish between the good ruffled leaves and the bad curled ones. I’m aware I’m spending way more time on this then the recipe, but this is something I could run on about forever. I’ll cut it off, but don’t despair, there will be more basil. You have the word of Jack. the man who waited a year to make brown pesto….*Weeps*

 photo WP_20160621_007_e_zpsnr8idn8z.jpgOh! Yes! I got every colour of Lobelia started. The Crystal Palace (Purple) are coming up in the middle). I grew flowers from seed. I feel accomplished. Now the other gardeners must respect me, or I’ll climb into their gardens and kick their cabbages.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Mousse

  1. I used dark opal basil leaves (all I had left in my freezer) in a soup two days ago and my husband frowned at the strangely colored spots he saw in his plate. I had to reassure him: never mind the color, it tastes good!

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    1. I love the purple basil, I only had a little of Dark opal myself this year, but when I made it into pesto instead of the deep purple the internet promised I ended up with, well, that. It tasted wonderful so I will try to grow it again next year. Cinnamon basil is incredibly hardy, at least this year’s was, so that’ll be making a reappearance too.

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