Infinite Basil

 photo WP_20160615_005_e_zpsqwpjvtfx.jpgI promised my nephew a jar of pesto a year or so ago and here we go. A man of my word.

Update: Just a note. I tried the Cinnamon Basil Pesto, on Quinoa because why not, and it was really delicious. Sweet and spicy comes to mind with this variant of basil. Strong too, it has a really intense flavour, but there is still an undercurrent of classic basil. Really glad I grew this, I’ll be propagating more from cutting again. The first batch is promised to someone already.

Just a bit of a hodgepodge post today. There is one thing I’d like to ask before I commence the rambling. I’m in earnest, no, that’s not another alter-ego, this time, I know I kid a lot so I thought I’d make that clear. I just wanted to know how other bloggers handle their, for what of a better term, down times, you know, when you haven’t got two recipes to rub together to start a post. I have garden posts, but even then there are times that the blog is left idle. I just wondered if anyone has any tips. If not no worries, but if you do please do consider sharing in the comments below. Or just say hi, I’m usually chuffed when I see a comment. Yeah, I’m really a big softie at times, mostly in the head. And yes another book reference in the post title. Handily I won’t run out of those any time soon.

 photo WP_20160615_001_e_zpszhufshxx.jpgBasil on the draining-board hasn’t the same effect as the toad under the harrow, has it?

It’s still really warm here, there is rain, but it’s mostly at night. I’m on squash watch, all but the butternut are flowering so I have to wait for fruit to set. Which, well honestly, is rather dull. I love squash, but the wait is interminable. One of my golden nugget is leaning, but this time I leave it be, it hasn’t broken, it’s just crooked. I messed with a tipped squash last year and it was more hassle than it was worth. I’m also harvesting strawberries, two types are setting fruit, two others aren’t. Guess which ones get axed at the year’s end? I’ll take the best and kill the rest. They may set fruit later in the year, I’ll wait and see. I clean them, top them and pop then in the freezer on a tray until frozen then bag them. They keep brilliantly like this. I’m also pulling runners off by the dozen, but one has really gotten huge so I’m letting it root in a pot that’s suspended on the lip of the barrel in a child’s plastic cup. Waste not want not, dear reader. I got eight servings of pesto from the above plants. One was really too tightly packed so it may not see a second harvest, but stranger things have happened.

 photo WP_20160615_004_e0_zpsq7u0cyne.jpgLemon peel tea. It’s just the peel of one lemon, give or take a bit, stewed in hot water. Rather pleasant, if light. Nice way to use the peel.

 photo WP_20160616_001_e_zps6gvy1gon.jpgDid I ever tell you about my cinnamon basil? He asked, as his readership slipped quietly into comas.

There are more types of basil, dear reader etc. It took a while to get large enough to harvest. Scratch that, it got too leggy and had to be harvested. Though near the cotyledon there are new leaves starting which I haven’t seen staring that low on basil, then again I’ve never grown so much before. I took a few cuttings to see if they’ll root. Basil is really goods at propagating from cuttings. Just cut them, strip the big leaves off and stick it in soil. They won’t all take, but you can just keep topping them up from the mother plant. As for the pesto’s taste, only two servings from these two, well, it’s rather nice. It’s spicy, warm, unusual to say the least. The smell is incredibly strong and really amazing. I can’t wait to try it properly, though that’ll take time. Freezer for now my pesto.

 photo WP_20160616_002_e_zpsj9r7v9j0.jpgI should be paid for all the accidental advertising.

As for the garden, well, I have ten yellow strawberry plants, they’re small and may die, just recently split up. They might be replacing the fragoo if the latter don’t set fruit. It’s all go in the garden, or rather wait and see what happens. I should have enough Dark Opal soon for purple pesto. That has an aniseed kick to it. I like pesto. It’s simple, versatile and you can get away with changing it to suit. More oil, less oil, more nuts less nuts. Any green herb will do. I don’t have any recipes waiting, but if I get the time I’ll go searching. Wish me luck!


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  1. I would be interested to know the recipe for your basil pesto. Thanks for the lemon zest/peel tea idea. I hadn’t thought of that but I love lemon peel.

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