Learning to Tie Your Shoes

There’s been a errant thought rolling around in my mind for a while now. I’m not the best, maybe nearer the worst, at making my thoughts clear and understandable. No, I’m not some great thinker, some savant of the intellectual giants, I’m just me, your pal, sometimes Jack, often times irreverent, but always trying to do what’s right.If you’ve been around a while you’ll have heard me complain about the problem of help for long-term allergen, intolerance etc sufferers in that the longer they’ve been dealing with it the less new and applicable information there is. Stay a celiac for a few years, get your life in order and then hit a blank. The “What is gluten” posts pile up, but there isn’t going to be anything dealing with what you might be going through. Whatever that is, there’s potentially a lot to deal with, trust me on that. So, when I feel I have something to say that blank space that looms ever near gives me the additional push to speak up. I’m not a confident person, I’m also not one to speak without giving it due consideration. I’m just one person, often-times a slightly broken person, but when I feel it’s right to speak and that it may help someone then I take the chance that I’m right.

I always find in sharing something like this there’s a need to prove your credentials. So you claim to know pain/joy/etc: Prove it. That’s a personal bogeyman, I’m learning to counter it with a very succinct: Mind your own business. I am what I am, I know what I’m saying is true and to the ones who will listen and think about it on their own and with their own experiences to further break it down don’t need me to tear myself open and expose all my inner-self to the world. The others, they just don’t matter. So shoes….”What?” Right? Bear with me. I have trouble with my feet. Big guy here, I have trouble with a lot of me. I spent a long time trying to get comfortable in shoes and boots, after losing the weight I had to start again. But you know what I did? I learned to tie my shoes a different way, I left an open gap in the middle and it helped so much. What has this to do with celiac disease? Everything. Let me explain. The hardest part of being alive is living life your way, for some people they’ll never notice that we have so many silly rules that everyone follows, eat this, do that here, tie your shoes this way. And when we just don’t fit into those rules we have to either conform and suffer for it or break  away and deal with stigmas, real and imagined, close-minded people, whether actual people or just chimeras of memories that haunt us. Wear a bright  shirt when you’ve only worn dark clothes and watch the reactions. For some that’s easy to deal with, others less so. Stop eating gluten and watch the world change around you. You aberration you! But with celiac disease we learn to deal with that, it’s still a hassle to explain but you learn to condense, it becomes habit. So that’s that, right? Wrong. A Celiac lifestyle changes from person to person, you might not fit in with what suits so many others. You might need to go further, you might have other problems to deal with, you might want to be better than that lifestyle will let you. In all off this I’ve learned that all that matters is my happiness, I won’t thread on the happiness of others mind, I just want to live my life and know that even if I don’t fit in to the usual style of a celiac that that’s okay. Don’t feel the need to fit a label too closely. Buy your gluten free bread or make it yourself, maybe even forget about bread. Follow a diet if it suits, or just go your own way and forget named diets. If you’re following a gluten-free diet and staying off it at all times then everything else you’re doing is probably just fine. No, you won’t be the celiac companies are advertising to, you won’t match with other bloggers perfectly, but if you’re happy, doing your best, then don’t worry about it. There’s no set way to live, in spite of what many scared people, perhaps yourself included, will try to convince you of. What I’m saying is this: Tie your shoes whatever way you want, pump up your music, live your life and be happy.


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