Natures Path Product Review

 photo WP_20160510_001_e_zps1tezpu9u.jpgLook what just arrived.

Okay, deep breath time, dear readers. This is my first ever product review, bear with me. I hope I do this right. I’m flying by the seat of my pants, but that’s the norm around here. Disclaimers first: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and if you know me you’ll know I’m honest to a fault. The cereal and granola was provided by Natures Path UK (Website and Twitter), it was just a random act of kindness on their part that came about from me asking about cereal stockists in Ireland. I wasn’t made to feel that I was obligated to write this post nor is the fact that this was a gift going to change what I post. All that being said I am thrilled to have this opportunity as I’m a huge fan of Natures path and they’ve been my cereal of choice for years. One note: I couldn’t try the granola bars myself, but I have it from my nieces and nephew that they’re amazing. The granola was tested by my mother and she found it to be tasty and of great quality. Sadly, with my oat allergy I can’t try them myself, but I can tell you about the cereal in depth.

 photo WP_20160510_002_e_zpsssmeyotb.jpgThe granola, which was loved by cereal hating Mammy.

 photo WP_20160510_006_e_zpsnngqwsmo.jpgThe bars also stolen from children by mammy.

From here on out I’m just going to be me. You know, I never thought I’d ever reach some of blogging’s milestones. I’ve done two guest post and now a product review, me, I mean I’m no one special, but I’m doing something so wild (To me at least) and having such fun to boot. The two boxes above are actually my mainstays. I have a few criteria when it comes to cereal: They must be gluten free, of course, they’ve got to be high in fibre, those two are the highest I can get. 10g grams per 100g which suits me just fine. Finally, they have to taste good. I have cereal every day with a protein of some sort as my second meal. I’d say I’ve been eating these cereals for three or four years now, I’ve tried a lot in my time and these have stood the test of time. I’ve also eaten their crispy rice, just like Rice Krispies, and their Maple Sunrise, so insanely sweet and addictive. They were probably the cereals that helped me to stop adding sugar. I used to use two tablespoons, I know, blame fat me, but I stopped that years ago. I find these more than sweet enough on their own. I’ll break down both below. I hope you do consider checking these out, they really are great cereal and they’re suitable for so many diets. Healthy cereal is very different from the nutritionally-stripped and sugar laden products we think of when it comes to cereal.

 photo WP_20160510_009_e_zpslbcfyqx9.jpgGluten Free O’s

I think of these as the plain ones. As you can see they’re a simple corn and rice cereal. They’re crunchy and don’t go soggy in milk. They don’t have much taste, but they’re not what you’d call bland. It’s hard to think what to say about cereal, I mean I eat it with a spoon in a bowl, you could eat it out of a Wellington boot with a ladle, I won’t judge.

 photo WP_20160510_008_e_zpsgejlvxzt.jpgMesa Sunrise

Confession time: When I first tried them I thought they tasted like dirt. I’m sorry! My taste buds were coming off years of junk-food. I do find these have a stronger taste than the O’s, not bad, not to me any more, just a strong taste from the mixed seeds (Yes, they’re seeds not grains) Buckwheat, Amaranth and Quinoa, super-foods if you like the term. I just like the cereal and knowing I’m getting some good, organic too, food.

One thing to note is that they never vary in quality, each pack is as good as the last, which isn’t always the case with some cereals. I often have to buy these online, I buy then in packs of four and you can imagine at a box a week, give or take, I go through a lot of cereal. They do cost a bit more, but you’re getting something that’s really good for you, looking at the ingredients you’ll notice the absence of added vitamins and minerals, no nutritionally-stripped flours used, there is a little sugar, but nothing that I find too much. I’ve been eating them all the time I’ve been losing weight and keeping it off. Does that mean you’ll lose weight on this cereal? No, but they may be helpful in keep your diet balanced. So that’s me, I want to thank Natures Path for helping me out over time, without them my diet would be even more limited. I hope you’ll consider supporting them, they’re doing their part to help us eat well and let’s face it there are a lot of companies only interested in the profit margin and to hell with our health.

So, this concludes my first product review. I should say I’m happy to try anything I can eat and if anyone wants to send me free stuff they really should. Though I’ll be honest so beware that. I’m also open to guest posts, either me posting or you if, they’re suitable and interviews, emails, whatever. I’m shy, but if approached you’ll find I’m not that bad. Until next time.


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