Meringue Topping


 photo WP_20160503_003_e_zpsfhqbkbwk.jpgExtreme close up! This is pretty tiny in reality.

What? You want to know why there’s only a recipe for topping, well, you ever hasty friend of my heart, you already have the pastry and the lemon curd, in two different styles no less! So put it altogether and you’ve got a lovely gluten free lemon meringue. Or just split it up as needed. I was making some filled pastry with meringue topping for someone so I held a bit back for myself. No puff pastry for yours truly, been a long time, but I did pour some, a fair bit, of the curd into a dish and just topped it. This is a really great recipe, fluffy and sweet, I wonder who  gave it to me. Oh, yeah, me! Good old me. This was part of a cupcake recipe from way-back when so I thought I’d upload it for anyone that needed it. It’s different from my meringues as this is a topping rather than  a shell.If you’ve never had either, well, the shell or nest has a crusty exterior and gooey chewy interior that’s slow baked to make it so crispy. This is a light and fluffy melt in the mouth topping for pies, cookies, whatever you fancy, that bakes at a low heat but much faster and doesn’t brown as much. There’s a difference in the way the ingredients are combined that changes the way this all comes together. But it’ll take better than I to explain it. Just mix in the sugar slowly or it’ll cause the topping to weep, melt essentially. This will cover about a dozen cupcakes or a fair sized pie. It’s really simple, but delicious, if you haven’t worked with egg white it’s a great place to start and get to understand all the different stages. Just remember it’s frothy to soft peaks to stiff peaks to Oh God! What have I done!? Oh, and if you can’t flip the bowl over then it’s still not stiff enough. Okay, until the next recipe.


2 Large Egg Whites
1/4 Tsp Vanilla
1/4 Tsp Cream of Tartar
120g Caster Sugar


1. With an electric mixer beat Egg Whites, Vanilla and Cream of Tartar in glass bowl until soft peaks form.

2. Slowly add in the Sugar while beating. Keep mixing until stiff peaks form.

3. Spread over with a spatula or spoon out and bake in over at 170c (No Fan) for 15-20 minutes until lightly coffee coloured.


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