Almond Butter

 photo WP_20160419_001_e_zpsvsixv5t7.jpgYou knew this was coming. Because I told you a lot.

I was in the garden for a lot of today, but I knew I had to make this so here we are. this wasn’t as labour intensive as I remember, mind you I didn’t use added oil, or at least not enough, way back then. We all learn and grow and make butters…that got away from me slightly. Not much to say, I’ll try to teach you any little tricks I’ve been using and hopefully someone out there will want to make almond butter too. This might be something I’ll do fairly often as it’s about 1/7 of the cost of store bought. In saying that it depends on the availability and price of gluten free almonds. I’d say give it a month in the fridge to be safe, check it occasionally but do be weary of it going rancid and yes in the fridge or you’ll regret it and have wasted this delicious nut butter.

 photo WP_20160419_002_e_zpswuzo9lu1.jpgThe nuts don’t darken a lot, if they do they’re possibly burned.

This is another of those where you go by smell and taste, you’ll want to avoid over baking them or you’ll end up with a nasty tasting butter, but at the same time you want them nicely toasted (Yes, I know I said baked a moment ago, I’m not perfect nit-picky reader, I just seem that way). You might be able to peel them by rolling them on a tea-towel, but why waste the skin? I didn’t bother with salt or any other flavourings as I use this in curries and breads and I like it as plain as possible.

 photo WP_20160419_003_e_zpsp4y8brrf.jpgFirst it goes chunky and slightly thin, you could stop here, but don’t.

One tip: Measure out how much your food processor can take before roasting (Yeah, I’m just messing with you now) as you won’t want to overfill it and leaving some to rest will let them cool and it’ll be harder to grind them into butter. My little food-processor took 200g so you can probably get a lot in a larger model. You might be best to just grind what you’d need for a few weeks, maybe use some right away if you make too large a batch. Remember it can be used in place of peanut butter, so you could have delicious cookies, I won’t be doing a second recipe this time around as I just want the butter. That’s it for today. I’ll be tackling tahini next so keep an eye out for that. Take care. Later.

 photo WP_20160419_004_e_zps4zcqf6i2.jpgSmooth and glossy is best.


200g Whole Almonds, Skin On
2-4 Tbsp Coconut Oil, Melted or Other Mild Tasting Oil


1. Pre-heat oven to 175c (Fan) and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

2. Spread the Almonds out and then bake for 10-15 minutes, stirring to prevent burning as needed, until fragrant and slightly browned. Be careful of burning.

3. Add the Almonds to a food processor, while still warm, and blend until a smooth glossy paste has been formed. Add Oil as needed to facilitate blending and stop every few minutes to prevent food processor over-heating. Store it in the fridge.

 photo WP_20160419_005_e_zpsigmq83tz.jpgSo delicious and cheap *Weeps*


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