The Not So Secret Garden

Who doesn’t love Burnett? It’s that time again, no imperious reader! Come back! Now is not the time to throw off these shackles and overthrow everything, that’s next week. No, steadfast reader it’s time to take a virtual tour of Jack’s Progress. This time I’ll omit the bolded snarky comments and instead tell you what it is your eyes behold. I’ll include the snark in the running, or in my case: plodding, commentary. Just a bit of fun to break up the recipes. This year we’ve getting much milder, but more consistent, weather. Plants are growing slower, but there’s less sudden torrential rains, conflagrations of hailstones and inexplicable snow. I hope it begins to get a bit sunnier as I have seeds that need to start and plants that need to grow. I’ll just have to be patient and calm, or at least one of those. Onward then, thither we go and hope nothing has withered.

 photo WP_20160416_001_e_zpsw6oqgwsh.jpg Chamomile.

A miniature lawn of chamomile. I’m just going to let it grow in the tray and hopefully I’ll have chamomile for tea. I’ll keep these blurbs shorter than usual as there are quite a few photos. Watch your step fleet-footed reader we’ve miles to go before we rest.

 photo WP_20160416_003_e_zpsbrcdqk0t.jpgMore peas and beans.

Pea onward and broad beans. These are the last batch I’ll plant as I have enough. they grow fast and are really easy to grow. They need support but I’ll get to that in time.

 photo WP_20160416_004_e_zpsdo2vtmpa.jpgPurple Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and, dear God!, more Peas.

I swear all I’ve been planting is peas. Next year I plant in sets rather than all higgledy-piggledy. Yes, that’s really a word, I’ll deal out the snark than you very much. These are the replacements for the ones lost in the great tragedy that shook poor Jack’s very soul. They’ll have to be separated, but a little sugar water helps prevent root-shock and they should be just fine.

 photo WP_20160416_005_e_zpseloyzzl7.jpgThyme, Painted Sage and Sage

Painted sage isn’t the prettiest flower, but it grows fast and hopefully will attract bees. That sage was a quick transplant that survived all Winter, hopefully it’ll flourish when the heat hits. This year I grow enough thyme and keep it together in one pot. Not tired yet I hope? Good. Onwards or rather over there somewhere!

 photo WP_20160416_002_e_zpswwgmfgqf.jpgMixed Herbs and Russian Tarragon.

Why Russian? Well,  ummm, because a lot of my readers are Russian? Nah, I’m just messing with you. It was all I could get and I wanted a little to see what it’s like as I’ve never tried it. The mixed herbs are for the nieces and nephew. They love anything like this.

 photo WP_20160416_006_e_zpsqum02iod.jpgSage, Parsley and Lobelia Rivera Sky Blue.

That sage was all cutting planted about a year ago. The parsley is last years too, this will be its final year as it only live for two years. It’s easy to grow so it’s no real loss. The lobelia has been moved from it’s cramped pot and it seems to be doing well, I think it’s close to flowering.

 photo WP_20160416_008_e_zpsnh0vrjji.jpgChives.

No, not jive. Stop dancing. Though you are rather good. I pulled the flowers off last year chives and tossed them in dirt, they died and returned and now they’ll stay in their new pot and be chivey…is too a word. You shut up.

 photo WP_20160416_007_e_zpszctogo4o.jpg*Deep breath* Basil, Rosemary, Bay, Parsley, Giant Swiss Pansies, Chamomile, Spring Onions, Sage, Marjoram, Mint.

Ouch! Where did you get that dictionary?! Just don’t ask what’s what. It’s an eclectic mix that’s for sure. They could do with a bit of sun to really get them going, but they’re hanging in there just fine.

 photo WP_20160416_009_e_zpsjegvd2to.jpgDwarf Sunflowers.

I thought these had multiple heads, but it turns out they just have a short stem and one huge head so it’s not too bad, no idea why I made the mistake. These started outdoors and even after heavy rain they’ve started at last.

 photo WP_20160416_010_e_zpsospegbcy.jpgMixed Flowers.

No idea to be honest.

 photo WP_20160416_014_e_zpsemkpnhxb.jpg

 photo WP_20160416_011_e_zpssdawktzs.jpgLobelia: Rosmund (Pink), Crystal Palace (Purple), White Lady (Guess) and Rivera Sky Blue (Green, kidding)

Oh! There are petunias in the middle, they’re absurdly small still. I’m not sure how they’ll fare but so far so good. I’m not sure if flowers and me are a fit, maybe large ones or perennials. I’ll stay with it and knowing me I’ll be doing this next year too.

 photo WP_20160416_013_e_zpsstphtrms.jpgCabbage, Thyme, “Small Pumpkin”, Broad Beans, Sweet Millions (Tomato), Golden Nugget, Chilli from Monek (That’s not a type or anything).

I actually split those two cabbage seedlings and they look okay so far. The Small Pumpkin is a mystery, but it’s doing really well so I’ll keep going with it. The squash will soon be getting hardened off and then transplanted. This time last year they were huge and then I spent months fretting because of the insane weather. Maybe this is better. The Golden Nugget looks like a tiny pumpkin, Google it, it’s adorable. You’re suppose to say like me…

 photo WP_20160416_012_e_zpspjkizyoq.jpgHarlequin Squash, Golden Nugget, Beetroot, Parsley, Rosemary.

Harlequin is my forever friend, what? You dearest reader? Why I’d sell you for just one squash. And your grandmother too. Supposedly when they have four true leaves it’s about time to harden them off, I’ll be ready to start in about two or three days, so I might have some putting out their leaves in the cold-frame instead. The rosemary is really small, it grew surprisingly well considering its low germination rate. Yes, I do have a lot of repeats, you still sore about the selling thing? Hey! Get back here!

 photo WP_20160416_015_e_zpsyo7sfcbk.jpgBeetroot, Harlequin, Sweet Millions. Chillies (Sulking to the side)

I hope I haven’t bored anyone to death with this. I can’t afford to kill my readership. Oh, something cool. The Sweet Millions look like a bunch of grapes when they’ve fully grown. Oh! Yeah! That squash front and centre? I found it in the pot to the left, one seed and two squash! It managed to be pulled free and seems happy to keep going. Another did the same thing but it broken when I pulled it. That’s really strange to see, two sets of twins.

 photo WP_20160416_016_e_zpst8uwogou.jpgBasil, Oregano, Mint and Shallots (Sadly they died after this), Rosemary.

Don’t wipe your shoe there. I don’t care! Why did you step in it? It’s supposed to be lucky. Herbs that may do well, it’s a bit early to tell. Ever the optimist, eh?

 photo WP_20160416_017_e_zpsri7bwlbr.jpgLettuce.

Mostly for other people. You can grow it in pots or old containers and let them pick it as needed.

 photo WP_20160416_018_e_zpsffczc6vi.jpgPotatoes and a lone strawberry in a coal scuttle.

You plant the potatoes in a little soil and them when they start to grow you keep adding it and then when they’ve matured you uproot your plant. Pretty fun to try.

 photo WP_20160416_019_e_zpslavq2iuu.jpgDwarf Sunflowers and Painted Sage.

These will soon be potted and left outside. I’m going to use a slow release fertilizer to get them really large. Same as the squash. I know, this is much longer than I intended. Why don’t you take a nap on this bed!

 photo WP_20160416_020_e_zpsloyihhon.jpg

 photo WP_20160416_021_e_zpsomhzelmq.jpg

 photo WP_20160417_002_e_zpslia98iab.jpg

 photo WP_20160417_003_e_zpszmwjoyrv.jpg

 photo WP_20160416_022_e_zpsthca4dmg.jpg

 photo WP_20160416_023_e_zpsf0pxwwp8.jpg

 photo WP_20160417_004_e_zpsoxqapwqu.jpg

Yeah! I got my top soil and finally marked out my beds. I’m planting tomorrow. I’ve also started digging out the path. I’ve moved the berries to make use of the space that wasn’t any use for planting. I’m really rather pleased with it. It’s been a lot of work and I’ve been lucky to get everything I needed. As you can see the peas and beans are planted near their wigwams. I can’t wait to see how this looks when everything is growing. One last push my old friend. I hope this was at least somewhat interesting.

 photo WP_20160416_036_e_zps5gquilcp.jpgResting compost.

 photo WP_20160416_038_e_zpsr92t2lg2.jpgCurrent bin.

 photo WP_20160416_037_e_zpsgdcttyc5.jpg  Expired beer!

I hope that next year I’ll be able to use my own compost to feed my plants. It’s amazing all the food we were wasting. You need two bins as to let one rest while filling the other. Ideally you could have three one to hold the fully decomposed compost. The beer was found and promptly put to use. One in each, so we can see which fares better. Joking. This has been picture-intensive. Hopefully it’ll be okay. I’m hoping to make some Tahini and Almond Butter, because they’ll be much cheaper than store bought and because it’ll be fun, so there will be food recipes. This will probably be the last Jack post for a few. Unless something major occurs you might as well cancel those custom wellies and that plane ticket my dear reader and just leave the garden to Jack. I’ll see you soon. Thanks for reading!


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