Clusters of Diversity

Oh, oh my that’s a pointlessly orotund (I chose that word that on purpose, heh) title. Really there’s nothing grand or exciting here. I’m not even sure why I did all that follows, I suppose, as it was already said of Mount Everest,: Because it’s there. Though, in a way, I also wanted to push a few recipes, tweak one ingredient and see if it broke or yielded something greater than the usual gestalt of ingredients. Nothing really did, sorry to spoil the end of the post, but I’m all about honesty. All we have here is proof you can get away with changing ingredients, but the results will either become slightly inferior or need more changes to become something worthy of note. I used Meridian Coconut and Peanut Butter Spread, and no, no prompting or shilling from here on out. This is just one lone man and his rambling experiments with a new spread, like I said it wasn’t anything special. I like the spread, it’s consistency is more like smooth peanut butter, the one with added oil, slightly gritty still, but nice, especially the hit of coconut. I just felt like screwing around, that’s really all the thought that went into this trial. Though in some ways the idea of adding more to meals, more fibre, good fats etc is always something I like to pursue. When you’ve got limits in abundance it can create trouble, trying to manage health and weight alongside that, still no weight-gain!, can be even more daunting. Consider these simple recipes a little flicker of hope. You can eat and eat well, no matter what you can’t have you can do something about it. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your happiness. Any way, back to your normal postings: It was runny like tahini when the weather was warm so I thought, that endless question that springs up in the heart of everyone at some stage in their lives, what if? What if I used it for tahini? In-place of peanut butter? So let’s see what happened.

 photo 2016-02-18-851_e_zpsak130kou.jpgFlourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Ah recipe of mine, that once made me very ill in its early stages. Way too much sugar and a case of nerves don’t mix. Now-a-days it’s a crumbly wonder. Careful braggart, you say, or you’ll sprain something patting your back so hard. Heard and understood discreet reader, in this altered state it becomes a flatter, because of the coconut oil, which makes the spread runnier, at least I assume that’s why, more flavoured cookie. Something akin to dessicated coconut. This is my favourite out of all the recipes. Really all these recipes do is show a few different ways to add the good of peanut butter and coconut, what good?, Google it. I’m just here for the food. I do admit this is a strange post, but again: It’s honest. I’m not here to sell you on the spread, the reason I’m not adding it to the pages is that you may not even be able to get it. I just feel like sharing, I’m still learning, still eating and still trying to find out how thin-me is supposed to live. That’s still a struggle, still waiting for the excess-skin-removal surgery hurts too. Forget it reader of my kitchen, hey, it’s bigger than my heart!, onto whatever picture I added next!


 photo IMGP4208_e_zpsam8wygcl.jpgNutty Buckwheat Banana Bread

I regret not adding more, not that I had any more, I’ve run out. It didn’t have the same coconut taste the cookies had, mind you it might not have had even if I had added more. Say that five times fast, phew! Here the added oil made itself know in a soft loaf, it felt, in texture, more akin to the Quinoa version. I added raisins and cinnamon as well. There isn’t a strong taste of anything here, I like it that way, you get so much good in every slice, yet nothing overwhelms. You could push it further if you’d like, go for gingerbread or add more sweetness or cinnamon, I like it plain and packed. Here the spread fails to deliver anything like I’d hoped, but the loaf is still delicious. No loss nor gain, though I may look into coconut oil in increased amounts in future.

 photo 2016-02-21-855_e_zpsd1xtootk.jpgTahini Honey Chicken

I think this was actually the first I tried, maybe the cookies, I can’t recall, it’s been a month or more. Sadly this really failed taste-wise, there was no real flavourful notes here, just the wonderful soft and slightly crispy texture. Nothing really to say here…Oh, wait, what?….

 photo 2016-03-10-870_e_zpsuy2n1dpl.jpgBa-ba-BONUS!

Now this is worth a look. same recipe, but using cashew butter instead. This works, oh yes, the cashew, honey and garlic are as always a match made in heaven. I still prefer the tahini version, but this works so well I added it to the recipe page. It needed no changes, no added oils or anything. It locks in the moisture of the chicken, or perhaps it stops it from cooking too fast, either way there a lovely layer of tasty goodness n each oily piece of meat. Perfect over some Quinoa. I also tossed in some festival squash mash and it worked so well I might keep it as a permanent addition. I’ve also started adding broccoli, seedlings of which are also starting!, to my two peanut dinners, Pasta and Curry, every bit of extra veg helps, right? Back to…whatever you call this desultory conglomeration of piece-meal thoughts.

Chicken Curry and Wholegrain Basmati Rice

This spread really doesn’t do much in savoury dishes. The curry was slightly oiler than usual and the rice was surprisingly bland. A nice way to get extra protein into you, mind. The nut butter thickens the sauce and the rice has a slightly chewier texture. I also had that curry, sans thickener, with a banana, an apple and raisins, it was weird. Not unpleasant, but I’d probably not use the banana like that again. So in all this we’ve learned, what? That a spread should perhaps stay as a spread and, perhaps, there are a lot of ways to eat good food without even having to think about it too hard. The optional additions, the ingredients that are fundamental in these recipes all come from a place where good food was sought and unconventional options were accepted. Surely in time I’ll find another new ingredient to try and you’ll see another of these posts. I aim to eat the best I can, to eat a varied a diet as my limits will allow and most important of all to enjoy it. There’s a challenge in doing that, one I will continue to pick up the gauntlet for, because I deserve to be better than I was, if there’s work in that then I accept it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to marvel that I can squat down without falling over or breaking my knees, two and a half years with the weight off and that’s still a novelty. Until next time, put upon reader!


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