Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge

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A cold is messing with my histamine intolerance so I’ll have to wait a short while before the flood of seed recipes start. They’ll probably be fine, but it’s always best to be certain before baking and cooking too much with them. Histamine intolerance is a pain because so much can affect you, but whether it will will depends entirely on you and external factors like stress or cold can mess with it too. Histamine intolerance is a pain in the backside basically. But I’m not here to moan, maybe I am, but I’ll refrain. I bring you Freezer Fudge! Which is…everywhere really. The reason I haven’t attempted this before is the confusion with which peanut butter to use. The original (From The Merrythought) calls for smooth natural peanut butter and, well, you see I have a brand that’s nuts and skins and nothing else, I call that natural, with me so far my leguminous (That’s a word? I was just kidding. Wow.) reader? Then I have an unsweetened peanut butter with no skins, I think, with extra oil and sea salt added. Then of course you have the version with sugar similar to that, but I find that too sickly to eat nowadays, cut down on sugar and that happens. I use the Natural in cooking and baking and it’s incredible, the texture and taste are perfect, but in this I knew it’d be too dry and strong tasting, so I opted for the other, I think it was what the original called for based on the colour. See? This is why I was hesitant. Food terms can be bewildering. So can my explanations, heh.

Slice it carefully. “It’s melting!” *Hacks wildly*

So, as I said I had salt in the peanut butter, but if you don’t add it and if you’d like it saltier then add more. I’ve used maple syrup because it’s amazing with peanut butter and the vegans, I keep using their recipes so I like to when possible repay them. I do make it sound like there’s an entire country with just vegans, that’s probably not true. Is it? I mean leguminous was a word. Digressing? Me? Why tactful reader you’re right! How very dare me, I swear….kidding. The fudge is really simple to make, I put the coconut oil in firs to stop the peanut butter sticking to the side, other than that it’s the same. It froze fast and tasted delicious, really creamy and, yes, fudgy. It’s probably healthy, but I don’t like adding that tag as it gives the impression that you can’t overindulge on it, broccoli sure, fudge? nah. It makes quite a bit, you could halve it, but for a change I didn’t. I deserve something: I’m itchy! Okay, this has been a quickie, but a really nice recipe. Until next time.

Leguminous. Really, I just called my readers pea-like. I hope they’re not pea-d off.


300g Unsweetened Smooth Peanut Butter
1/4 Cup/60ml Melted Coconut Oil
2-3 Tbsp Maple Syrup
Sea Salt Flakes if Peanut Butter doesn’t contain salt, To Taste


1. Line a loaf tin, or any container, with cling-film or greaseproof paper.

2. Add Coconut Oil to a bowl and then add in everything else. Mix together with a fork until combined and glossy. Add more Salt or Maple Syrup to taste.

3. Pour mixture into prepare tin and place in the freezer for a few hours or until solid. Remove from the freezer, pop out of the container and remove the cling-film and cut into cubes. Transfer to a sealed container and return to the freezer. Eat directly from the freezer.


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