Sunshine Soba

 photo 2016-02-12-841_e_zpsv4e5i8ty.jpgCut thick by virtue of my not paying attention.

I still have a pancake recipe in the pipeline but, and I kid you not, I have to wait for someone’s chickens to lay the eggs. I swear these chickens must be better fed than I am, the yolks are golden, though that’s not always a guarantee of taste, but these have taste in spades. I end up with a lot so I use some in baking as well. No point buying store-eggs when I’ll have an abundance soon. Today I just have a small variation on my Soba Noodles now they have a turmeric option. I really just wanted to colour them up. They really do take a lovely colour, I’m sure saffron would work even better but being a poor man I’ll stick to my turmeric (Turmeric is often called the poor man’s saffron). There is a slight taste from the turmeric so you’ll want to balance your sauce with that. I just tossed it with my Peanut Butter Pasta Sauce even with which you could still detect the turmeric. I guess you could call these anti-inflammatory noodles, but Sunshine Soba has a nice ring to it and they add a nice bit of colour to the blog. Just a quick post today. I’ll be back sooner rather than later.

 photo 2016-02-12-837_e_zps7syplq0q.jpgIt’s hard to make out through the flour, but work it and it’ll turn more yellow.

 photo 2016-02-12-839_e_zpsxkeqmyzi.jpgMatcha still costs too much for me. Maybe I’ll win some.


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