When God closes a door…

…sometimes you have to Jimmy open a window. Yeah, I’m doing one of those Year in review/What to expect for 2016 posts. What can you expect for Pep’s Free From Kitchen? Well, since I may be facing a temporary buckwheat shortage, after I use up my six other bags of flour, I’m not that unprepared, I decided to splurge on some new flours. I got some more quinoa flour and decided to get some chestnut flour too. See what I mean about windows? You can’t keep a stubborn idiot like me down. Though you can wear us out, this year has been rough in patches due to the wait to sort out the damage after the major weight loss,  but still staying steady at the ten stone lost, over a year already!, but here’s hoping the new year will yield an appointment and I can finally start getting a grip on a new life, and as clichéd as it is, a new me. That being said I’ve actually had a run of luck recently, I’ve won seven different contests that have added up to quite an expensive bunch of Christmas presents. A few people called it the equivalent of karma. I do what good I can and if the universe decides to reward me then I’ll take it gratefully, just sort out that appointment, eh?

So as far as recipes you’ll see a handful of chestnut (Never even eaten one before…weeeee, adventure) and quinoa recipes. I’ll keep trying out every free-from option I can find. So for my allergy peeps, I can use that word, right? I’m cool shush, you know I’ll cover you, but I’ll also keep up the support for the vegans, vegetarians and anyone else I happen to cover with my recipes. A few tags help mark them out and hopefully help someone else. It’s all about respecting each others lifestyle choices and understanding health and well-being necessities. We’re all in this together and from what I’ve seen there’s a lot of respect an kindness in this free-from blogging sphere, so that’s good. What you’ve seen is what you’ll get, I’m not changing anything, but if buckwheat pulls a vanishing act there will be more options with other flours and a really grumpy blogger, but let’s live in hope.

I’ll be starting up my herb and vegetable garden again this year. Hopefully we actually have a Summer this year, that’d be nice. I’ve also started composting, I have two bins (Won one) so maybe next year I’ll be using my own compost to feed my plants and what have you. All going well I should have plenty of fresh produce to use in recipes. Lastly I should say thank you to, well, everyone here. I’ve been really lucky in all the support I’ve received on this blog and the help I’ve received the whole internet over. I’m not even a year at this whole blog malarkey, I honestly thought I’d hate it and instead ended up really enjoying myself, even being able to interact with like minded individuals and consequently not feeling so lonely. I’m also going into my fifth year as a celiac. For some that’s a huge tally, others it’s a drop in the bucket. Nothing much changes on that front, everything is tickety-boo (Man this blog is turning very English), no glutening in, what? a year or two, histamine is mostly under control, nightshades haven’t bugged me and everything is working just fine. A far cry from five years ago, let me tell you.

So that wraps up that. Expect more of the same. As far as new resolutions, well, I suppose I wouldn’t mind branching out more. I did receive the chance to write a guest post on a blog this year which was an incredible experience, I enjoyed it, but I don’t know if there’d be many that’d find much use for my ramblings. Still if the opportunity pops up I’ll grab it with both hands. Those will be my resolutions: Less skin and more taking over the blogs of others. So I’ll conclude with another heartfelt thank you and by wishing you all well for the coming year. If you can spread it around that amaranth is just magical, that’d be great. I need me some amaranth and fad foods are always handy for supply issues. So to all my readers, have a merry whatever and a happy thingy.


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