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You’ve caught me, dear reader, I’m updating this on the Q.T. I’ll reblog it nearer the season, there are enough people bring the festivities out too soon already so I won’t add to the misery, or mayhem. The fun? Don’t be silly. Same idea, probably not a huge number of recipes to add. But there are still all the originals to choose from so it’ll all turn out good in the end. Same as before, a bit of fun and recipes collect by similarity. You ain’t seen me, right?

 photo WP_20160731_002_e_zpsyzoxqqty.jpgSadly I don’t have any Harlequin squash left *Sniff*

Toasty and Roasty

I’m running out of title gags, cut me some slack, dear reader. Now though I’ve mentioned a few vegetable sides I’d be remiss to neglect the duo of Roast Cauliflower and Roast Broccoli. Now, prepping vegetables can be a pain. Here’s where this comes in so handy: You can blanch and freeze your own vegetables. Both these work well from frozen and all you need do is drizzle some oil, season and roast. Simple, a crispy crunchy side. Speaking of crispy, perhaps better as a snack, but I’m never fussy when it comes to crunch. We have Roasted Julienned Sweet Potatoes. With nightshade intolerance a lot of vegetables, especially the ones I love, are forever out of my scope of eatables, but as you can see there are a variety of options when it comes to vegetables. Even the ones you might not like become better when roasted.

 photo WP_20160922_005_e_zps4wdvatds.jpgServe your caviar on pigweed crackers!

Giftables and Guest-ables

You, dearest reader, might be playing host. Sometimes the simple things are best. There are two options for crackers, Buckwheat and Amaranth. For canopies if you’re posh, or have delusions of grandeur or if you’re common as your pal, then for smearing cream-cheese on. If you’re really lazy just make the tortillas instead of baking them and pile everything on, I won’t judge. They both cover a lot of diets so that a bonus. On the other hand say you’re playing guest, you could pack up some Honeycomb, Brittle, Fancy Brittle What? It’s French. Therefore it’s fancy. Oh! And Sesame Seed Brittle for the nut-free. I imagine home-made candy makes a great gift, I saw it on TV once. Naturally most baked goods make great gifts. It’s just that candy feels special.

 photo WP_20160821_001_e_zpsznvqrh68.jpgThis nightshade free stuffing is worth getting the ingredients.

Harlequin? I Assure You I’m Not Joking

What are the odds of you having harlequin squash to hand, probably not good, but hope springs eternal and as far as potato replacements go it’s the best I’ve found. So for nightshade free roast potatoes we have Faux ones made with Harlequin squash. Not to be outdone I also have Stuffing for you, a traditional family recipe. You can’t beat a simple sage and sausage stuffing. You might be lucky enough to have fresh sage still growing. Even if you just sauté them, harlequin squashes are a wonderful side and delicious all year round.

 photo WP_20160503_003_e_zpsfhqbkbwk.jpgWith or without pastry lemon curd and meringue is a match made in heaven.

Spreading Sweetness and Light

I don’t know how traditional a Lemon Meringue Tart is, but in our house it was mandatory. You’ll need to assemble it from other recipes, three to be precise, but it isn’t as daunting as it sounds. You’ll want your Pastry, use the chia egg for easy rolling out, then make some Lemon Curd, with an option to just use the egg yolks so you can save the whites for your Meringue Topping. You could make little Meringues if you’d rather, maybe as little snowmen or women. At any holiday that involves food you’ll find everything is fair game, so why don’t I go all out go all out and mention this Strawberry Mousse.

If you’ve stumbled across this page then you might want to pop back nearer the holidays as it might see some more additions. I’m not big on holidays, which is a very polite way of saying I have on occasion abhorred them. I’m getting better at indifference. This is just a little help for those who do love them, but struggle when looking for suitable recipes. I like to think it will help someone out there.


Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not big on the holidays, but I realise that there are plenty of people out there who love this time of year, so rather than being a Scrooge, or a Grinch, I’ll instead be compiling a list of my recipes that could be said to fit into the festive theme. They really just fall into desserts and sides, but I’ll try to lump them together in a slightly more fun and creative way. All recipes will be hyper-linked so just follow them to their respective pages. This is going to be more of a pain thanks to WordPress changing the way links work, but I’ll persevere, for the children, the poor little babbies! *Picks up baby* Look at it…poor little guy *Tosses it over shoulder* So, this list is just my meagre contribution. I will say one thing, lord knows you can’t shut me up even if you try, do remember that it’s just one day, it’s not the end all and be all of everything, if you can’t eat all you want then it’s no big deal and remember waiting until New Year to start the journey to a “new” you is useless if you precede it with a huge binge. I started when I first thought of it, I didn’t wait for a specific date and it’s worked for me. If you start anything start at that very moment of decision and steel your resolve. I’m just being pre-emptively cranky, tis the season, but really, I hope this helps make the season more fun/a little easier. Onwards an upwards! To the recipes.

Keep an eye on this throughout the month, I may have more recipes to add as time rolls on.

 photo IMGP3826_e_zps8yvvzrmv.jpg

Flah La Flah…etc

Roll-out Biscuits that hold their shape. An original recipe made especially for this time of year. For the young and the young at heart. Check out the page for details. I may look into these again soon, a really enjoyable recipe.

Tis the Season for Giving.

 photo IMGP3807 - Copy_e_zpseoketrtk.jpg

Okay, back again with a new recipe. Another gingerbread cookies, this time a Buckwheat one. Hit the page up for the full recipe. I used half an egg rather than a flax egg because I feel you need the rise an egg provides. You can do half or just follow the recipe for a full 22 cookies, it can vary depending on the sugar, but only by a cookie or two. I was going to try these with treacle as it goes really well with the spice blend, but I’d be weary on the stability, thankfully dark muscovado sugar gives them enough of that treacly taste to compliment the warming spices of the blend. A crunchy exterior and fluffy interior make for a lovely cookie. A few lines of simple icing would finish these off a treat.

 photo 2015-11-03 23.53.23_e_zpsvusmfkrg.jpgSautéed Sweet Potato with Butternut Squash Gravy.

Sweet Potatoes, Not Just for Thanksgiving

Go nightshade free and you’ll hear nothing but sweet potatoes. I honestly hated them at first, but I’ve grown to love them. Sadly it’s a love kept in check by moderation, they don’t love me quite as much. Sweet potatoes make a handy side dish so you can have them a few different ways. Sautéed Sweet Potato with SP Seasoning (Two ways) is time consuming, but not as daunting as it sounds. Squash works here too, maybe try both for a real variety of flavour. How about Muffins? Sure it’s an unusual choice, they’re better with a blob of butter, but nothing says you have to have them as a dessert. They’re on the Buckwheat Muffin Page. If all else a nice SP Mash can’t be a bad option either. The muffin and Mash cane be prepared ahead of time and frozen. I’ll be mentioning what can be frozen as it really helps to plan ahead.

No Potatoes? No Problem!

My nightshade intolerance is showing up a lot, huh? I have no idea how common it is, but it’s plagued me all my life. At times where potato dishes are ubiquitous it becomes a real pain, but mash isn’t out of the question! You could opt for a Chickpea Mash, which really makes a great substitute for potato. Butternut makes a lovely mash, a dash of salt and pepper and you’re all set, a better variety for a potato like experience is a Harlequin squash, but a butternut will be just as good. Now onto the odder side of things it’s: Cashew Butter Amaranth! Thick and delicious, it’s a shame I can’t get it here any more. Even plain, or maybe stock cooked, amaranth would make a great side. Quinoa is a nice option too. Remember you can use anything here in conjunction with another recipe, mix it all up and see what you can create. The butternut would be the best for freezing, the chickpeas are a maybe, but I never tried them. Quinoa can be frozen and reheated.

Good Gravy!

Do remember to check out the respective pages to see what allergies are accounted for, a lot of recipes have a lot of accommodating options. Just two this time the ever wonderful Cashew Butter Gravy and the Nut Free Butternut Squash Gravy. The cashew gravy was born from a mistake and was made a few Christmases ago. As far as freezing goes I’d say you should try making them fresh, but they both should be freezable, the BNS suffers a bit in the colour department after freezing. Remember you can use any stock you like so they can be vegan as well.

 photo WP_20161121_007_e_zpsgltza8dd.jpgFor my best pastry yet check here.

An Empty Shell is like a Blank Canvas

You know my Buckwheat Flour Pastry, best with a chia egg. Imagine the possibilities here, a Curd, maybe an easier version of my Bakewell from last year, fill them with gluten free mincemeat and you’re set. Maybe individual Cheesecakes, no bake. I don’t recall ever having tried freezing the pastry, I imagine it could work, but you’d be best to test it out first with something small. It’s worked so easily and can be rolled so thin it’s really versatile, I imagine baking for a large crowd would open up a lot of options.

Gingerbread: The Taste of Christmas

You have to love Gingerbread, whether it be in Cookies, or Muffins, as a separate Blend, for hot drinks, baking or maybe just as a gift, a decadent Loaf, whatever you decide it’s important to remember you’re not limited to these recipes, take the spice blend and run wild. All but the cookies can be frozen in advance. I love the blend when combined with treacle and muscovado sugar. A decorative cake tin might really make the loaf stand out, a little frosting or just a dusting of icing sugar and you’d have a great centre piece.

Drink up!

I’m afraid this is a short one, I don’t drink alcohol or eat chocolate. So this is just an old recipe in the Nutella Hot Chocolate and a simple one in the Hot Carob Drink. It can be a pain when you can’t have what others are having, but try not to let it bother you. If they persist, just throw a baby at them. That’s socially acceptable, right? (Don’t do that. Just ignore them and find something you can enjoy, not throwing babies though)

The Odds and Ends Round Up

If you’re having guests, or you’d just like a cheeky slice of something sweet try my Flourless Nut Cake, they’re a bit of work in the preparation, but worth every second. They present lovely, but only keep a few days so eat up. For a freezable option, no one need know, try my Treacle and Tea Bread or perhaps a Fruit Loaf, a slightly more traditional option, but much faster to prepare. Thankfully the latter two are pretty low in sugar so you can have quite a bit without worrying over-much. Lastly we have some Rice Stuffing and Mixed Spice, the stuffing freezes well, it’s best enjoyed in small portions as it is very strong. The spice blend is a common one, but add it to cakes and loafs for a festive kick.

So that’s it from me. I’ll add any new recipes that pop up so do check back over time. You could do anything you like from my hundreds of recipes I just thought I’d put together a few that really fit in with the season. As for me it’d be a quick dinner and maybe a dessert, this is the day I take a lazy day. It’s a 365 job, no eating out and no breaks so I don’t make a big fuss over this day. I’ll just make a curry, double it, freeze it and have it Christmas day and have  a cold turkey dinner the next day. Like I say it’s just one day, but if you are making a celebration of it I hope this list helped somewhat. Take care.

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