Southern Style Honey Rice with a Honeybush Twist

 photo IMGP3779_e_zpsts0xrsgq.jpgI had no chopped peanuts, but a Peanut Curry works well too!

A quick and tasty update today. Just another variation on my Wholegrain Basmati. Just roll down the page and you’ll find it. This will work with any cooked rice. Although for the twist you’ll need to cook it fresh. I decided to try cooking the rice in some Honeybush tea, which is, if you’re not already aware, a variety of rooibos: My tea, or tissane, of choice. It worked well, the honeybush gave it a nice background flavour and the main pour-over gave it a sweet, warmth that works wonderfully with the peanut curry. You could even cook the rice with peanut butter and then add the mix. Without nuts will be fine too.

I’d like to say a quick word on honeybush. There are quite a few members of the rooibos (Pronounced roy boss, or so I’m told) family, I’ve used wild, green and red before and although I’ve drunk it before, I haven’t had any access to honeybush in a long time. That’s now changed, so you can expect to see a few recipes using it in the coming posts. This is a tea made for desserts. The fragrant perfume,  aroma doesn’t do it justice, and the naturally sweet taste are a match made in heaven for sweet treats. Not to say you couldn’t use it in other ways, in a syrup (Akin to the Espresso one) or in Smoothies instead of water and of course a Tea Bread will be incoming. I have a bundt tin to try (Hope it works!) and some dried dates and apricots too. When I get my hands on ingredients you know I’ll make full use of them. Until later!


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