Dear Little Noodles of Mine

 photo IMGP3766_e_zps9s9bstqp.jpgI folded them like this and then had to unfold them and cut them. I was being smart….or stupid rather.

The recipe is my own, I just finally got around to using a chia egg, but I do suggest going to Cooking Without Gluten for a much clearer guide on how to prepare the dough. It also features wonderful photos as well as recipes. I only ever rolled out dough when making pies and tarts so it’s hard to get into the habit of rolling it out properly. I did as was suggested and formed it into a rectangle before rolling, it still came out somewhat lumpy, better than usual though, but as I say my rolling pin skills are still in their infancy. I blame big hands, that’s the excuse until I improve anyway.

 photo IMGP3768_e_zpscpp0hxzt.jpgFear not! I used the scraps too.

I never knew that soba was also popular in Russia, then again if not for anime I’d never have know the dish existed. All I know of Russia comes from Russian Novels, so you see the blog is an enriching experience for me. I’m sure Russia and Japan will forgive me my ignorance as I bring them noodles! I don’t have any traditional sauces or broths to go with the noodles, being soy intolerant, as well as nightshade intolerant excludes a lot of Asian style dishes. Thankfully they were just lovely with some Tahini, Honey and Cumin Dressing. Yeah, salad dressing, a sauce is a sauce and any port in a storm

 photo IMGP3769_e_zpsgez94apr.jpgFold it over and over and hope it doesn’t stick.

I was slightly nervous using the chia egg here as there is less flour, the only difference I noticed that it was slightly sticker before dusting, but once dusted it was fine. Again, Chia Egg and Buckwheat Flour make an amazing pairing. I rolled this thin, folded it over itself and cut it, then when I unravelled the strands they just slowly unravelled in one piece, for the most part. Perhaps if I were better at folding they’d have come out even better. All things in times I suppose. Just one thing to remember: The chia egg will take longer to work into the flour, at first it’ll seem to have no notion of combining, but keep at it and don’t add water!

 photo IMGP3770_e_zps9nizxpjx.jpgIn the book I’m reading someone said he wanted to Love with his stomach. That’s be a great tagline for a food blog, wouldn’t it?

The rest is the same, they cook fast and taste lovely and soft. Now with the chia they also have the added bonus of having no additional flavour, it’s all buckwheat all the way. I hope I’m not being arrogant in saying that I think these may be closest to real soba noodles, but I think they are pretty good. They also don’t take too long to prepare, you can leave them for a few minutes while you prepare whatever else you need to, just remember to flour them and stir them together. They aren’t every tacky, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

 photo IMGP3772_e_zpslbm38crd.jpgI also saw someone referred to as Dear Little Heart of Mine. I love that kind of expression, language is a beautiful thing. Food blog? Right…sorry.

So that’s the last tweak I feel this recipe needs. You could also use this as a pasta dough, maybe add an egg if you’d like, some fresh herbs perhaps. Man’s reach must exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for and all that. Really it’s up to you where you take these recipes, I’m only one person eating a single portion a time, I can only do so much until they invent cloning  and let’s face it one of me is enough in a kitchen. As for chia eggs, I think I’ll take a run at a butterier pastry, something of a Pate Brisee. I have an old wheat based recipe to use as a guide for the butter and I also want to try a closed apple tart. I’ll try to find some new recipes and see what else I can do.

 photo IMGP3773_e_zpst1ynl9cs.jpgI could’ve cooked them more, but even a short boil yielded slippery, soft noodles, so it’s all good.

One thing I should like to mention is how I search for recipes. I know early on I searched by allergy requirements, but now a days I go by ingredients or a combination, if you want a tahini sauce say you’d be best to search for tahini and another ingredient and then follow it with sauce. So searching Tahini Honey Sauce will yield a better result than just tahini sauce. There comes a point where you’ll seem to have exhausted all options, but keep at it! For every hundred recipes I’ve scanned through I may have only found some inspiration for my troubles, but it’s all valuable. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to learn how to compost. Until next Time.

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  2. Love the name, they even look as Dear Little Noodles of Yours, very photogenic! Thank you for making and trying this recipe, I still haven’t tried my soba with flax flour yet. Will have to add the link to this recipe to egg replacement review.

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