Cake Decorating and Those Bygone Wheaty Days

 photo IMGP3746_e_zpsqijwvran.jpgI got my turkey mince! Turkey and Bacon BNS Cottage Pies are go!

I’m slowly getting used to this new editor. I preferred the old one, but I think I understand it now, if anything looks odd, well blame the editor even if it’s me. The last of my baking and freezer cooking (The cooking never really stops for me) for a while, I hope. I messed around with some Peanut Butter Cookies and thought I’d share a few old decorated cakes from way back when I was a wheater. Now I will say this: I am not really that good at decorating cakes, that’s not humble bragging, it’s just true. I enjoy screwing around, but I never really developed the skill or had the inherent talent to do anything that special. I just thought it’d be fun to share since there’s a slight lull in recipes.

 photo IMGP3747_e_zpsuojr2old.jpgCarob and Peanut Butter is a wonderful combination.

I wanted to try a dual coloured cookie and much to my dismay when I’d halved the dough poured in the carob I realised I’d added too much. I just smashed and kneaded what I had and hoped for the best. They came out a tad drier, more crunchy than chewy, but it adds to the  duality of the cookies. That’s my excuse any way.

 photo IMGP3751_e_zpsdqbouhpb.jpgThankfully these are just for me so I’m safe.

The one nice thing about my diet is everything is accounted for, treats are marked out, I have my baking day and my junk-food day, each with a limit as to how much, so I don’t worry about what will happen to my weight. Looking at the photos of me 10 stone heavier is  sombering. That’s why I’m just posting the cakes rather than fat me.

 photo IMGP3752_e_zpsmphejihw.jpg

If you’re feeling daring, just follow the main recipe. Split the dough, maybe weigh it first, and knead in about 10-15g carob powder, add it gradually, not like I did. The rest is the same. For the Buttercream, same idea, ice with white buttercream, add carob powder to remaining icing and beat again. It took 150g Icing Sugar and 37g Butter, made a bit too much, so be careful if you hate waste or have trouble resisting eating buttercream from a bowl. I’m happy with these, just a silly bit of fun to blow off some steam. The pies look great too. Now onto the reminiscing. Just a note: All the cakes below are wheat based ones, but thankfully icing them is the same when GF, once you have a decent cake or cookie everything is the same.

 photo 20110815_012_e_zpsud8j5xk5.jpgOh man, this cake. That’s a doll on a stick. Just so you know.

This was a lot of work, really a huge ordeal, man. I had one of those giant muffin tins and wanted to make a cake for my niece. So I looked at the top, then stacked that on two sponge tins and with some carving the cake above was made. Stupid amounts of planning in this cake. Icing the layers together, setting it overnight and the icing, oh man. I’m only good (Barely at that) at pointillist styles in cakes. Hand me an icing syringe or a bag and I’ll dot anything. It took, I think, three, maybe four, hours to do the whole dress. Then I did her name and some coloured white chocolate shapes for the candles. She was thrilled so it was worthwhile. I swore I’d never do it again.

 photo 20110815_010_e_zpswu4caofg.jpgI had to put up her hair while I iced her top.

 photo 20110816_001_e_zpspedm0agi.jpgThey loved the colours inside. She even brought it to school.

 photo 20111001_002_e_zpsgkjzjpbp.jpgSee, here you can see the tin when it was made with both parts.

I set myself up, my other niece wanted a cake too and I’d already done a muffin for another birthday. So I thought about it and circus tent appeared. That’s a rice krispie stand. I don’t work with wheat now, but I’ve done a lot of baking for people, these were some of the most worthwhile. The smiles on children’s faces and all that. I bought sprinkles to use and they ended up on the sides of the RK thingy. The top of the muffin was damaged hence the icing repair. I flipped the bottom upside down. This was said to be better than the doll cake. High praise. They never forgot these cakes, my nephew had one too, but it was horribly messy, he loved it, but it inspired me to look for a better icing and viola Buttercream appeared. It was from a wedding cake recipe originally. I learned the 4-2-1 ratio from it and have been using it ever since.

 photo 20111002_003_e_zpsi6wqo1wv.jpgRed came out pink so no red and white for this cake.

 photo 20111002_005_e_zpswlxgmqgd.jpgJelly baby bouncers and a ring of jelly snakes for a fence.

 photo 20121130_005_e_zpsbnfptzyt.jpgI know what I said. I’m an idiot, okay?!

 photo 20121130_007_e_zpsr1j2ft0w.jpgFor a friend’s child. Last one I made as they kept the doll. Good riddance, it’s a pain.

 photo 20141002030626_e_zpsqqzhthou.jpgCircus child asked for another cake. Thankfully I had a better recipe this time. No crumbling.

I made a marble maderia because I had no idea what to make. Split it and filled it with home-made jam. Buttercreamed the top and that was that. I started to worry about getting ill when working with wheat, I used gloves and a mask, but you can never be certain. It was also too much stress and no real thanks, so many people taking it for granted, never the kids though, they always remember these. I make GF stuff for the kids now and they love it, so everything works out well. I love to see parents making their allergic and food intolerant kids special cakes, it always makes you feel good inside. Those kids deserve as much normality as possible, lord knows the world will always push against them, too many selfish and apathetic people out there. Thankfully a lot of good folks too, there can never be enough praise for the good ones.

 photo 20141002032922_e_zpshwiinllv.jpgI had to set the buttercream first or the top would have slipped off.

 photo 20130609_004_e_zpsolftnibw.jpgCupcakes? I’ll tell you about that another day.

I look back on these days and wonder what might have been, I’ve worked with French pastries and custards, baked highly praised goods of all sorts, but I never had the chance to see how far I could have taken it. Maybe that’s for the best, I never hit a wall and I’ll never really have failed. My path changed and now I’m doing what I can with what I can eat. I still help out by advising and devising wheat based recipes, I’m just not in the kitchen when it’s being made. I know my onions, I’ve done a lot and I’ve been cooking and baking a long time, longer than I’ve been at the whole free-from kick. They’ve blended together and I don’t think much of what might have been these days, but sometimes I wonder. For now I’ll just keep blogging, baking, cooking and living my life as best I can, I never know if this is worthwhile to anyone, but I enjoy these posts. I’m not good with people or even being social, but I’m glad any time I see a like or a comment as it makes me feel I’ve accomplished something, silly I know. I just want to say thanks to you dear reader, for just taking the time to look through this blog and read these posts, I’m doing the same, even if you can see me, so thanks from me to you. Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Cake Decorating and Those Bygone Wheaty Days

  1. It becomes clear that all you make now is coming from passion and previous experiences. These cakes are truly amazing, all that went into making them deserves plain admiration. Not only children, but adults do remember special food made for them. I can still remember not only the look, but the taste and how the first bite felt from petit sultana buns, covered with soft chocolate icing, baked specially for me (!?), just 3rd year student, by the Head of Physiology Department in University, when I came to show the draft of my first scientific paper. I still make my icing inspired by the way she made it. Sometimes we are not aware how simple things we do without much thought influence other people for life.
    I am 100% sure all amazing pastries can be done without wheat flour, they can even be made better. It might be your calling, you never know.

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