All of Us Are Weeaboos…

2015-11-17-746_e_zpsgna8xfym…But some of us are looking at our Senpais.

Edit: I think I can add the images via the HTML thingy. I’ll investigate later.

Apologies to Oscar Wilde. Mggghhnnn. One of those weeks, so I’m refusing to take any of this post seriously. Why is all this changed? I liked it the old way! Now I have to figure out how my photos will post, I used to link to them, but I don’t think I’m doing that now, I think I’m uploading them. Gahhhhhh. What? Food? Go away, I’m tired…fine…

No, it’s not fine. *Blows raspberry* Okay, firstly, ummm, we have a repeat, or a rework rather, of my Hokkaido Pumpkin Cinnamon bread, now in Rice Flour Pancakes, recipe will be there after this posts. They changed hyperlinking!? Oh come on! I have to manually find my links? I link a lot, no I won’t pay, I’m cheap and don’t make money with this. Maybe I’ll get used to it. *Groans* The pancakes are really nice, gooey in a good way, not “Oh God they’re gooey” way. I’ve updated the Sweet Potato version too, I had too much sugar and sweet potato purée. Live and learn and all that.

I made some BNS Cottage Pies, I want turkey as well as beef as I’m changing out a dinner and will be using more of these, but nope, no turkey. Pah! and I made some chia egg BW Tortillas they’re still amazing to work with. Just like Gluten and you know I don’t say that lightly. Beautiful, a marvel, such joy knows no limits, my cup runneth over etc. Oh god! The tags are a mess. Why?!? I also, er, ah, made some Nutty Buckwheat Bread, ditched the banana, added carob and sultanas. You can do a lot with that bread. In some ways it exemplifies my food philosophy, smug thing to call a diet, in that it’s all of the food, the whole food, no not that diet, probably close though. No extracts or powders, just everything tossed in hodgepodge. All the good left intact. That’s it for today. I’ll be back properly next time…maybe.


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