No Brand Squash

Love Live! is pretty ubiquitous, now it’s a parody title too.

This is one of those go to the page for the full recipe posts. Just skip to the variations and you’ll be able to piece it all together, or perhaps you’ll look through all of the variations and piecemeal something new together. These are my standard Buckwheat Muffins, now with some apple purée, Butternut Squash Purée and some Apple Pie Spice Blend. I never know what to call the apple sauce, or the purée rather or maybe the stewed apple, I knew it as the latter growing up, but to simplify it: Cook some apple in a pot with a bit of water until mush. Done and dusted. Leave out the sugar as it’ll be added to the muffins. I really like the APSB, it gives it a lovely warm taste, the squash and apple are an odd duo, sweetish and savoury work well though. I do like how any vegetable purée gives a better lift to the muffins.

Yet again: Squash!

Being nightshade intolerant in Ireland is like some sick joke, way too much potato in everything, but it has given me a glimmer of insight into how versatile the humble squash is. It’s a simple tweak to my BNS Pasta Sauce, now in curried flavour. I see that addition a lot in soups so I figure it wouldn’t hurt in what is pretty much a thick soup and, yup, it’s gave the old Hokkaido Pumpkin a nice kick of flavour. You could ditch the chicken for a vegan option, maybe even ditch the pasta and use it as a pour over curry sauce as it’s not far off from my Banana Curry (Same deal with ditching the chicken there too), chances are if you are on a vegan diet you’re well used to changing up recipes to fit your lifestyle, it just never hurts to mention the suggestion.

I have a lot of baking planned, needs must and the devil’s car and what have you, but I don’t know if I’ll be trying anything new, probably just stocking up on old reliable recipes.It never stops, does it? Ah, well, better than the way things could be. I’ll be back again, right after I see the true ending of this mystery! Later.


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