How to Finely Chop an Onion

Chopping an onion is pretty simple. I know that, yet it took me a while to learn how to consistently chop it evenly and finely. I find I prefer the texture that finely chopped onion gives in curries rather than just blending it up. I did deliberate on whether this was somewhat condescending, but I’d rather see it as sharing a handy tip. I see so many silly, basic life-hacks so I may as well toss my hat into the ring. Just remember to use a really sharp knife. You don’t need to spend a lot on a fancy blade, just keep it sharpened regularly using a knife sharpener. This will be a quick and dirty guide No real tips here, just some elaboration on each step.

Step 1:

Cut the onion in half.

Step 2:

Top and Tail the onion.

I like this expression, helpful for any vegetable. I’ve left one side as a before and after. It’s easier to do this after halving the onion rather than before.

Step 3:

Remove the outer skin.

It’ll just peel off easy without the top and bottom. Just don’t leave any brown on the onion, it’s nasty when you find it in cooked dishes.

Step 4:

Cut the halves into quarters.

Step 5:

Separate the layers.

You can easily pull apart the onion now. If it’s too fresh it can be a tad juicy, but even then it’ll come apart with little effort.

Step 6:

Cut each part into long strips.

You can double them up if they’re thin. This is why a sharp knife is needed, it’ll be a huge pain with a dull blade. I learned that the hard way.

Step 7:

Cut the strips into small pieces.

Gather the strips up and holding one end chop them up. You’ll get even small pieces with no hassle. That’s it for this guide, it’s much faster than the guide makes it seem. Just practice and you’ll save yourself some time in he kitchen.


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