Happy Anniversary Buckwheat Flour

Looking over my Facebook “Memories”, yeah, I don’t lead an exciting enough life to need that much reminiscing, I just found out that today marks the first full year of using buckwheat flour. If it wasn’t for a tip that it was in stock at a local supermarket I may never had bought, what has quickly become, my favourite free-from flour. It’s funny how important these ingredients come to be in your life. Some, like amaranth, sadly are like ships passing in the night, never to return. It’s one of the reasons I try as much as possibly with as many ingredients as I can get my hands on, you just never know when something will stop being stocked and if you’re too reliant on it it can be a major blow. I suppose I should do a little run through of my Buckwheat Flour recipes. I’ll link them as I go, so check them out.

Buckwheat and Rice Flour Pancakes

You can never have enough pancakes. Although I prefer to stick to plain, unsweetened Rice Flour ones, but a recipes a recipe. Reminds me of a commercial brand I once used to buy. (For a brief moment a typo rendered me an ex-pancake)

Buckwheat and Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I prefer the Squash version of this as it’s easier on my stomach. I’ve never actually eaten gnocchi in it’s usual potato form, I like this so I guess I’m not missing  much.

Buckwheat Bakewell Tart

Back in the fat days, which I will forever refer to them as, I used to eat these by the dozen. Literally. I’ve only made this once, it was really amazing, especially how the buckwheat complimented the frangipane topping with it’s dry crunch. It’d be even easier with the tweaks I’ve made since to the dough. Maybe for Christmas.

Buckwheat Cakes

I used to live on oat cakes, which were all the while driving me to distraction with Dermatographic Urticaria. I had to figure that out all by my lonesome, same as everything else really. These are just as good, even better than to the no rash part. It’s a shame there aren’t more recipes using buckwheat flakes like this.

Buckwheat Digestive Biscuits

You know what I meant. Other people’s recipes. I used to live on Hob-nobs and digestives too, about a pack every two days. Man, I used to be hungry all the time. Celiac disease is messed up. These are great with a bit of butter (And an expectant Black Labrador whom my Father taught the habit of getting one, with butter no-less!)

Buckwheat Flour Bread

So versatile. This has spawned so many recipes, it’s almost staggering to imagine it came from the back end of some forum way back when. I’m glad I found this, even more glad I kept fiddling with it.

Buckwheat Flour Cookies

I love the fact that buckwheat plays a major part in the flavour of these, yet they still remains sweet. I love these made large with some Buttercream. Too good to make too often.

Buckwheat Flour Crepes

I think I prefer these as savoury crepes. The buckwheat just lends  itself well to spiced meat fillings. It’s shame they don’t freeze well.

Buckwheat Flour Crumble

I have way too many crumble recipes. Hopefully if all goes well I’ll have plenty of strawberries for crumble next year.

Buckwheat Flour Muffins

Another recipe that has gotten a lot of use with variations. Simple, but tasty, I guess I just really love the taste of buckwheat.

Buckwheat Flour Pancakes

Maybe I should’ve tried these as a savoury pancake, but they’ve never really clicked for me. Just one of those things, I guess.

Buckwheat Flour Peanut Butter Biscuits

Three flours, three recipes. Peanut Butter cookies seem to be mandatory for celiacs. I have a few recipes of this ilk to boast of at least. Not a bad biscuit.

Buckwheat Flour Scones

Another recipe that I wish would freeze or at least keep better. I really don’t know why this goes stale so fast. A shame, but if you’re feeling hungry, no great loss.

Buckwheat Flour Shortcrust Pastry

You know how I feel about this wonder. This gem of the ocean, this acme of free-from pastry. I thrill at its proximity. Bonus points to anyone who knows who I’m referencing.

Buckwheat Flour Soda Bread

I just find buttermilk, meh. I know I have a few recipes I’m not wild on, but if they work I save them. Simple. You never know when it’ll come in handy. I think this was a quinoa flour recipe first.

Buckwheat Flour Tortillas

Ah, my old standby. Well new standby. Whatever. When my supply of genuine Mexican tortillas dried up I did what any grown up would do, I complained a lot. Eventually I cobbled together a replacement, which has done well in all it’s varied uses.

Buckwheat Flour Treacle and Tea Bread

Treacle bread was a staple growing up. It was really great to get a recipe together for myself and to even take it in unheard of directions. Probably one of few Irish recipes here. Not that there were that many growing up, food was simple home-made fare or from packets., though treacle bread was never anything but baked fresh.

Buckwheat Flour Vegetable Bread

A handy way to get some good into you and what has become a delivery system for squash in many delicious ways. I’m still eating my way through my Gingerbread version.

Buckwheat Hobnobs

Quinoa flour made these work, but they started with all buckwheat and still use the flakes. A nice, knobbly biscuit. I should make some soon.

Buckwheat Piadine

What were these again? Kidding. A flat bread, right? *Checks recipe*

Buckwheat Soba Noodles

The weeaboo in my wanted these and the baker made them work. Still one more version in the pipelines, so stayed tuned.

Nutty Banana Buckwheat Bread

Started with a flax version, but I prefer the less egg heavy, more solid buckwheat version. I usually split this with a vegetable bread and have one each week. They all freeze well.

Microwave Buckwheat Cake

Sure, the Rice Flour version gets more use, but this started it all.

Slurry Curry

A tester for thickeners, but helpful for those who need to know what will thicken and, roughly how much to use.

So that’s it. Here’s hoping for another year of great buckwheat recipes!

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