Chia for Flax? Nope, but There’s Still Hope

And this is where I’d put my chia egg recipe…if I had one! Just a speculative post and one ruminating on the dangers of assumptions with substitutions. If you read any of the later posts on this blog then you’ll now I like to be certain before I post a recipe, rather than advising you to try it because it seems like it would work, I’ll instead try it myself first, usually multiple times if I’m uncertain. So there I was substituting ground chia for flax in my Flax Egg recipe, why not? It’s pretty much stated everywhere  you can, except in one obscure corner of the internet where I once saw stated that half the chia meal would suffice in replacing the flax. Woe to those who failed to listen to that advice, aka me. I was planning on posting some Egg-free Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies, well yet another egg-free version, but instead I’ve pulled out some lumpy cookies that are still cooling, that may yet taste fine, but aren’t up to the usual standard of a flax egg variation. Say what you will about flax, it makes a damn good egg replacement. The chia egg instead became a sludge too soon and lacked the slippery egg-like quality of the flax. I went ahead regardless just to see, but it’s not worth posting. I’ve used a flax egg in my Hemp and Peanut Butter Cookies to better effect, so I know it’s possible to be well made. I wonder if the chia has more binding potential than flax or whether it’s just more absorbent.

So where, in this, is the hope, you ask. Well, maybe nowhere, but remember that hope is the thing with feather s and all that (Beautiful poem, by the way, look it up, really) so in looking at the glue the chia created it makes me curious about how well it could bind a flour based recipe. It may come to nothing, in the end it may be a waste, in saying that it does demonstrate the need to try everything we post. Whether it causes waste, deters someone from trying again or just makes a mess, it’s  far better to know fully whether something will work or not and not state it beforehand. Consider that my pet peeve. I’ll keep trying this out, probably try the glue, as I’ll now think of it, in some Buckwheat Flour Tortillas. Seen you soon, hopefully with something interesting to report.

Update: Just checked the cookies and they were a gooey mess. If I try this again, I’ll probably try a half measure of chia meal rather than a 1:1 substitute. If nothing else it helps us understand the different way to use, or rather not use, these ingredients. I’ll keep you posted on whatever I try.


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