Various Variations of Variegated Varieties

I’m much too happy with the title.

See that? That’s not potato, it’s the wondrous ever fantastical harlequin squash. I finally got around to trying the variation of my Squash Cottage Pie and I tell you, there really are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your nightshade family. It was crispy on top and really firm underneath, whilst also being creamy. Someone who hates mincemeat said they’d eat this and said it really was similar to a potato. I would move heaven and Earth for another batch of these squashes. Hopefully next year.

Seriously though, that title….okay, I’ll be quiet now.

I had a run in with chia, without realising it. I forgot that I eat flax everyday and combining that with chia made for too much fibre and stomach pain resulted. I eat quite a bit of high fibre foods and it seems the chia was unnecessary. I really just wanted to use it it, so I’ve ground up some and the first use is in Buckwheat Flour Bread. This is pretty much the same as the flax version, softer, but no longer with the added taste of the flax, this one is all buckwheat. I am tempted to try a Pastry with chia egg rather than a flax egg, just to see how it binds in comparison and to see if it’s better without the taste of flax. The bread batter did seem to be more solid than usual, not that it affected the end result at all, still it’s worth trying out. Keep an eye out in future for something. I’m not sure what yet.


Finally an old recipe and a really simple, but useful tweak. My Brown Rice Stuffing now has a Jasmine Rice variation. I was starting to find the stuffing too dry, whether it was just me getting tired of it or something else I don’t know, but thanks to some Jasmine rice, which absorbs stock better than brown rice, I now have a few portions of softer stuffing. The thing about stuffing is that it’s pretty hard to pin down what stuffing is, because in different places there are some that are chunky, whilst I’ve always known it smooth. There’s are so many kinds that it was a real blessing to find this recipe years ago. It’s really packed with herbs and Butter, but you use just a little to add a flavour to whatever you serve it with, rather than as a side-dish. It also works great stuffed into chicken and then baked. This seemed less wet than usual, the jasmine rice probably soaked up the butter better. Fun times, okay that’s it for now, as always thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you soon, with new recipes in tow, hopefully.


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