Sticky Gingerbread Microwave Cake

It’s that time again.
“To post pictures without rhyme or reason?”
Quiet you!

You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Or maybe you thought I’d failed and shamefully hid away, but no, I say thee nay! My final quinoa flour recipe is here. Okay, it’s just a variation on the Microwave Quinoa Cake, still amazingly spongy by the way, but it’s a really special variation. I had just enough for this and I thought I’d give it one more try and see what I could create. I’ve posted about how there are variations for all the cakes, each one unique to it’s own page. Really though, you could probably use Rice Flour or Buckwheat if you’d rather for this. It’s just that quinoa flour makes it springy and I had some leftover.

I cook it in the jug I mix it in, it pops out fine, but sometimes it comes out…special…yeah, special…especially odd shaped.

As with all these variations the recipe in on the page, it saves me trying to put it together and having it lost in the muddle anyway. I’ll just fill you in here on any pertinent points and you can check the page here when you’re ready. Naturally you can tell it the same spice blend I mentioned before. It’s pretty much a halved muffin recipe. I wasn’t sure it’d work, but it came out smelling divine. The taste is the same as the muffins, but now we have the added benefit of the spongy texture, of course this is just half the recipe.

Chop it up cover it in sauce and no one is any the wiser.
“Well, they are now, you just told them”
Quiet you!

Confession time! I have worked with sugar, quite a bit (Here, here and here), I used to eat the stuff by the bucket. Now I couldn’t countenance eating sugar like I used to, but I digress, like I say, I’m used to working with sugar. Though in saying that, I work by smell and by sight, I know when it’s ready, not using a candy thermometer, but with instinct. That’s a terrible way to do things, really, learn to work with sugar safely and properly, please. It’s a bit late for me to learn much. I won’t eat it like I used to so my opportunity for learning is limited. Thankfully this sauce is really basic, it’s just matter of boiling for a few minutes to get a thick sugar mixture, adding the butter, off the heat, and then cooking for a few. No exploding whisks here (True story). The whole cakes comes together wonderfully, the stickiness and sweetness couples with the spongy and spiced cake for a real treat. So that’s our quinoa recipes at an end until I find  something that warrants making my own flour. Until later, stay sticky!


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