Just a short fun, pointless post. I finally decided to add up my recipes, not just the base recipes, but the variations too. Sure you could argue that a recipe isn’t changed much by an egg replacement, but it does change the flavour and texture so I like to think of it as greater than just a simple tweak, perhaps not worthy of it’s own recipe page, but still something of note. Honestly some of these variations are more complex than the original, I just like to keep it simple so I cut it down to bare-bone basics at the end of a post as it’s easy extrapolate when and when to add what’s needed. Variations are some of the most important parts of a recipe, there’s something to be said for a versatile recipe. Though, like I said, I like them to sat easy to read so it’s better to decide when to have a base recipe and when to split it off. So, after the tally it’s about 301 recipes. I say about because some recipes counted as one still had numerous tweaks, but no variations, not too shabby. I can’t wait to get to one thousand! (You may think I’m joking, but I ain’t)

I suppose I should say how or why I have so many? Yeah, like you’d really be able to shut me up when I’m given the chance to prattle on. I suppose there are numerous reasons, really. Firstly is that food, no matter how wonderful, can get to be a drag when you have to rely on yourself as the sole cook and baker. Having to make everything from scratch can be a trial, add to that that you may end up making the same food over and over again makes it doubly so. That’s where all these tweaks and variations come in, they break up the monotony and let you flex your creative muscles. I can’t think how many hours I’ve sat and browsed recipes, imagining new combinations or looking up new ingredients.

Which brings me to the second reason. On any limited diet the challenge becomes trying to meet all nutritional needs with a balance of foods. Sure, that sounds doable, but then consider that you can’t just fill up on one thing everyday, you need variety and you also need portion control. So it becomes a quest to find how many foods in varying amounts can be combined to create a meal plan for each day. It’s terrifying at first, trust me, I know. Gradually it becomes easier, as your understanding of food grows, your skill in the culinary arts expands and your palate changes, it can become a fairly simple task once the proper foundation has been laid down. You’ll find your new food-loves, ones that to others might still be too healthy or outlandish, but will keep you healthy and happy. It’s all about compromise and not a little discipline.

The last reason, possibly the best, is that it’s, simply put, fun. I enjoy all this, I’ve worked hard and continue to do so, I always will, but when I put on my headphones, crack up the volume and get into that kitchen I now find myself in a comfortable niche I’ve carved for myself. Sharing also helps, if you feel a new recipes or tweak will help others you feel a greater drive to do more, that’s a wonderful thing, one I’m still marvelling at. This ran on longer than I intended, it’s nice to take a small break from recipe posts here and there though. I’m still unsure how I’m fairing that this whole blogging, thing, I’ll continue to do my best and I hope you’ll all continue to support me.


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