My Dear Squash, or, A Pox on Potatoes

One of my squashes has come home to roost or, er, rather, has been harvested. A medium Harlequin.

You thought we were done with squash? So did I. Then I went into the garden to see how the squash fared after the numerous down pours and whilst wiping away some dirt I found the stem had snapped on my squash, thankfully it was ripe already. In all seriousness this will probably be the last of the squash based posts, I’m slightly burned out, but having delicious squash recipes for the next few months is still really wonderful. I’m over the moon that on my first year I managed to grow some squash, this is the first of twelve, two of which may not make it, but the other nine should be fine.

I like how the pattern bursts out from where the blossom was. The skin is really tough too. A good sign for storage.

I couldn’t get any viable seeds for saving, but I’ll probably try growing different squash next year.

So, before I get onto the taste of this little gem, I have something unusual to share. It probably won’t be wholly shocking considering my audience of fellow allergy and intolerance sufferers. So, I tried the squash, mashed and steamed, it’s slightly sweet and wonderfully firm, almost like a tuber, or a potato. Here’s the odd part, I’ve never been able to eat potatoes, not since I was a baby, but I was told it was psychological by a doctor and keep trying, the results were terrible, but I endured (Foolishly) and would react to less and less potato as violently as a large portion, it would be expelled after swallowing or I would try to hold it down. Sure, looking back it was wrong, but no-one knew what a nightshade allergy was and like most things you learn to cope, whether or not that’s a good thing remains ignored. So when I ate a potato textured squash my brain panicked, I wasn’t ill, but I feel a sense of dread, my brain thought I was going to be ill and braced itself. It shows how much damage intolerances can do to a person, even mentally, especially when untreated. Thankfully I was fine, it was, for the first time, all in my head. I’ll get over it, but I felt I should share. Sorry if that was upsetting, but I’m sure we’ve all dealt with worse in our times.

I can’t wait for enough to make a Squash Cottage Pie.

Or some Squash Pasta Sauce. Notice the fancy steamer, heh.

So after that I was a little shaken, but looking at it I’ll be fine because this squash is wonderful. Maybe it’s a bit of pride from growing it myself influencing my taste buds, but I think it’s the completely different textural experience (Wow, that was pretentious, oops.) from other squashes I’ve tried. I want to get as much as I can from each so I’ll probably stick to familiar recipes. I also really like the bright sunshine yellow of the fleshed when cooked. As it’s so firm I imagine it would Sauté perfectly. If I do try anything I’ll post about it on the blog. The others will stay on the plants for another while to deepen the flavour and ripen more. There’s one really large one I dying to weigh.

One for tomorrow and another for the freezer for another day. It’s just me so I’ll freeze most of the recipes I try.

Last part and then no more squash….for like a week. Max.

I’ve added a Hokkaido Squash Microwave Cake variation to the Rice Flour version. All the Microwave Cake are probably interchangeable, but if I haven’t tried it I won’t list it. This one was simple, but nice, nothing much to say as I’m burned out on squash, like I said. I know these posts may be repetitive, but I promise I will have something other then squash for the foreseeable future. At least I’ve had fun and they do seem popular. I probably don’t say this enough, but thank you all for the amazing support. It means more than I can express. I even saw a really nice write up on a Russian blog today, my head is just fitting through doors right now. Until later and remember: A squash a day will bring me to your house scrounging for one, so keep them hidden! See ya.


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