Microwave Coffee Cake and Trying Something New

Just a small update to my Rice Flour Microwave Cake, now in Dairy Free and Coffee. This has made me think about trying something new with minor updates like this. You see I’d hate to update a recipe without letting you know, but having a post for something minor that may just be a allergy free option or a really minor tweak like changing the sugar seems kind of pointless, but on the other hand tacking minor updates onto longer posts may mean clogging those posts up or the updates themselves getting lost in the shuffle. The updates aren’t consistent enough for their own collective posts either and would require me to keep a handful  in  the wings until they were ready, thus complicating something simple. So I’ve decided that I’ll Tweet the updates which will appear on the side of the blog and won’t require you to even use Twitter beyond checking the Tweet for the link. Hopefully this will keep people updated without to much hassle to myself. We’ll give it a go anyway and see how it fares. That’s it for now, Quinoa Flour recipes are incoming, I promise.


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