Im-pesto-uous? Sorry, I don’t have the Thyme to be Patient.

Soon I should have enough pesto for Winter or, like, five Winters.

Just a small Pesto related update today. I thought I should use up my abundance of parsley and oregano only to discover that I should have had more patience as I hadn’t even enough for a double serving of pesto when everything was pared down. So I ran back to my greenhouse and grabbed some basil, still the king of pesto greens. So today we have 1/3 of Basil, Oregano and Flat Leaf Parsley Pesto. The recipe is the same, it’s just a half serving, I used almonds, but you could use anything. There are even nut free versions available, I never use cheese either so it’s dairy free as a standard.

One thing I do need to do, again, is tag certain recipes as nut-free. I’m not sure what other allergies I could tag, but if anyone has any suggestions please do pass them on and I’ll see what I can do. As I’ve said I stay away from tagging as vegan due to the fact that I’m always confused on some foodstuffs and I’d hate to miss-mark something and disappoint anyone. That’s it for today, nothing much in the pipeline sadly, I still have plenty of fresh herbs and I’m even planning for next year. Fresh herbs are a must from now on, I’d be lost without them. My squash are still growing, about a dozen, so maybe next month, if all goes well, we’ll have some fun with fresh squash.

Thyme Cashew Butter Gravy is great. As are any fresh herbs in it. I just toss the stock in the pan, add the Cashew Butter and cook until thick. Keep it stirred!


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