This Post Contains all of your Recommended Daily Updates

This is going be a slightly meandering post. Nothing huge update wise just a few little tips and tricks and an update to a recipe. I’ll have some new recipes at some point. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully.

“You’ve updated the original recipe, right?”…Of course…*Rushes to open other tab*

I really did try the Yoghurt Egg in my Soba Noodle Recipe and yes Virginia there is a..I mean it worked. There was less dusting, swearing, sticking and general feelings of rage. I’ve decided to skip the folding over part of the recipe as all it does is complicate it unnecessarily  and usually just breaks the noodles. Just run a knife down the full length of the rolled out dough and you’ll be fine. The yoghurt doesn’t affect the taste at all either, which is surprising as the noodles only cook for 2 minutes. I like how the yoghurt made it all faster and more convenient, it’d be a breeze to whip up some soba in a hurry for a quick meal.

“Make it fancy!” Yeah, maybe if I took it off the draining board before I took the photo…meh, don’t wanna.

The Turkey and Quinoa Meatballs freeze just fine I’m happy to report. I think I’d rather the onion be blitzed to a purée before I add it, I’m not a huge fan of chunky onion. They went well with my Pesto made with basil fresh from the garden. The growing of which is the best decision I’ve made. Oh! Speaking of gardens, which, depending who you ask, I never shut up about these days, heh, my squash have set fruit, which means squash babies! There’s about a dozen or so started. They’re about a month old.

I’m like a proud parent. You know, annoyingly endearing and bit soft in the head.

They’re even getting their pattern. Started from seed and, I should probably go back to the food right? Yeah, I know. You don’t want to hear about how I added an extra shelf to my now repaired to the limit with plastic and staples greenhouse using leftover clothesline? No? Okay *Sulks*

No. Blog’s finished. I don’t like you any more.

I mean it.

I never could resist being the blue-eyed idol of millions, er, green, ummm, brown eyed…forget it.

Now for a few tips that I really should have realised before, but I’d like to share on the off chance that it gets filed in the back of our mind and perhaps becomes useful someday. The first is concerning my Peanut Butter Cookies, with a crumb that beats even wheat, and some Buttercream. One mistake I always make when making sandwich cookies, gigantic ones since I only made 6 cookies out of the dough, is that I pop the top cookie on before the buttercream has set and thus end up with buttercream spilling out. So to sum it up succinctly and with any further ado: Don’t do that. Just frost one half of the cookies and pop them in the fridge. They present lovely that way and there’s less mess. Simple sure, but funny how many times I’ve made that mistake.

And finally!…A nondescript bag of yellow mush?

I remember seeing a tip for puréeing Onion and Garlic and freezing it in ice-cube trays. I never thought I’d need it as I use a lot of onion and garlic and never have it spoil, but it did get filed away in the back of my mind. Now ginger I can never use fast enough and frozen ginger swells and then shrinks when grated from frozen. So I popped some Ginger into my food processor and blitzed it up and froze half tablespoons worth on a tray, forgoing the ice-cube trays and now I have enough exactly measured ginger to do me for months. So that’s it for now. This was fun, we should do this more often.

I’m way too proud of this kludged abomination not to share it.


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