Yoghurt Egg Buckwheat Tortillas

Pep's Free From Kitchen

Updated August 4th (See Below)

Freshness is everything in the kitchen. That’s why this will be a two part post, which I’ll update on Tuesday if the next stage is successful. Right now the steps, tips and ideas are fresh in my mind, but give it a few hours and I’ll have forgotten most of this and my scribbly notes will become even more esoteric. I could walk into a kitchen half-asleep and bake anything, just don’t ask me what I did afterwards. Now, let’s get this down…quickly!

Wait, what was this? *Looks at title* Yeah, okay.

Now you may or may not have heard of yoghurt as an egg replacement. I haven’t used it much myself, just in my Peanut Butter Cookies. Use 70g of Yoghurt for an egg, I used low-fat in this, but I don’t think it’ll matter much, but as always be aware that a…

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