Yoghurt Egg Buckwheat Tortillas

Updated August 4th (See Below)

Freshness is everything in the kitchen. That’s why this will be a two part post, which I’ll update on Tuesday if the next stage is successful. Right now the steps, tips and ideas are fresh in my mind, but give it a few hours and I’ll have forgotten most of this and my scribbly notes will become even more esoteric. I could walk into a kitchen half-asleep and bake anything, just don’t ask me what I did afterwards. Now, let’s get this down…quickly!

Wait, what was this? *Looks at title* Yeah, okay.

Now you may or may not have heard of yoghurt as an egg replacement. I haven’t used it much myself, just in my Peanut Butter Cookies. Use 70g of Yoghurt for an egg, I used low-fat in this, but I don’t think it’ll matter much, but as always be aware that a substitute in one recipe will yield far different results in another, that’s why I go by a recipe to recipe basis when I try something like this. Yoghurt will also make cakes denser as it retards rising, I think it’s suggested to try more raising agent if using it, but it will alter the texture. Thankfully there was no raising agent in this recipe to worry about.

Ah, traditional round buckwheat tortillas…waitaminute! I just felt like testing the ease of cutting the dough.

So the recipe is Buckwheat Flour Tortillas, this time we’ve used yoghurt in place of an egg, I ended up using 50g, slightly more than usual. I’ll add this to the recipe page too so you’ll find full instructions there. Now we get to the fun part. What did it do to the dough? Well, it seemed to make it firm, but more malleable. I seemed to use less flour for rolling out and I was able to get it really thin without breaking. I’d like at some stage to try this in a sweet pastry recipe as it really was easy to roll and cut out. I don’t know exactly why, I could speculate that the fat in the  yoghurt has an effect on the dough, but why it was different from an egg I’m unsure. That’s one of the great wonders in free-from baking, there are so many combinations and tweaks that have yet to be discovered or at least fully understood. I will keep trying this in other recipes, but as it’s just for myself that will take time, so feel free to experiment and report back.

I think given less heat and longer to cook the spiral would have been great. Next time, there’s always a next time.

Now the baking part. These baked quicker than usual, you only need 5-7 minutes and I’d even advise turning down the heat slightly. This is where I’d have a concern about using in pastry as you’d have to adjust the recipe to accommodate the faster baking crust and that may cause some troubles when baking a filling, but if you were just blind baking a crust and filling it in cold then it’d be just fine. They turned out as crisp as usual, you’re best to roll them out fairly thin to get them as crunchy as possibly and thanks to the yoghurt that becomes much easier. Two did burn slightly, but that’s because I hadn’t changed the heat. There is also a smell of yoghurt when baking, but I couldn’t detect it in the finished product.

Now the part two I mentioned. I froze two of the tortillas, I placed them on rounds of greaseproof paper and rolled them up, popped them in a freezer bag and tossed it in the freezer. I’ll check how they freeze and what kind of soft tortillas they make on Tuesday so check back then to see how they’ve fared. This was really fun, it’s something I hadn’t considered until I saw it on another unrelated recipe and it piqued my curiosity. I’ll return to this in time and who knows, we may see something wonderful come of it. That’s it from me today, take care.


I took the pair I froze and they came out just fine, one was a tad thin so it broke slightly when it hit the pan, but they cooked up just lovely. There was no discernible taste of yoghurt. Sadly they still aren’t flexible as wraps, but that’s a concession you make for using buckwheat flour, one you accept when your options are limited. So now we ask the question: Has buckwheat and flax been superseded by yoghurt and buckwheat?! Maybe, it’s really useful, but as I’ve mentioned before the fast baking would make me cautious. I’m thinking of trying yoghurt in my Soba Noodle recipe next. I’ll probably try it with the Turkey Meatballs and some Fresh Herb Coconut Alfredo. So, I guess that’s it. I have a new combination to keep in mind when trying buckwheat recipes again. Hopefully someone else may make use of this minor discovery.


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