Psssst. You Kids Wanna Buy Some Genuine Fake Mexican Food?

For titles it was that or Viva la Buckwheat Revolución. I’ve made my choice. Okay, there has been a lot of updates and I should space them out, but I’m sure I’ll be forgiven when I give you *Drum-roll*

A hazy, bad quality photo?

Something went funny with my phone so sorry about the image quality. Any ways, I tried making Tortilla Chips from my Buckwheat Tortillas (All this is in there) and it worked! They were really crunchy and crisp. Sure they aren’t true to traditional tortillas, but as far as counterfeit ones go these tortillas are shaping up to be something special. In all honesty between my Mexican Spiced Chicken and Quinoa and these Chips I’m probably further away from Mexico than ever. I’m nightshade intolerant and I can’t get any more corn tortillas, which, come to think of it were the only thing from Mexico I ever ate, so I’ve got to make do and these crunchy chips, half of the dough I rolled in greaseproof and froze for again, will do just fine until something better comes along. Maybe in the future we can fake chilli heat with something…let a man dream, will ya?!


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