Rooibos Quinoa

Just a small update to my Quinoa recipe today. I used my Rooibos Jasmine Rice as a basis for this tweak. I just omitted the Parsley as I thought it’d be too strong in such a small amount of Quinoa, the rest of the recipe is essentially the same. It’s all on the Quinoa page alongside other variations. It’s a little bit sweet, from the Rooibos I assume, but it works well and it really fluffed up nicely. I think the fat in stock might have a slight effect on Quinoa, I know from experience that too much will stop it cooking properly or at all. I should make my own, but it’s just me eating this and that’d be a huge hassle. Stock Cubes for life!

One slightly tangential story before I sign off. I was stocking up on Quinoa like it was the end of the world, as usual, and someone who had helped me before, she’s the overseer of the free-from section from what I can tell, a very kind and courteous lady, started talking about how she had seen a program on television about quinoa and we got to talking about it for a few minutes. It was nice to be able to talk to someone about this. It sometimes feels like it’s just me against the world when it comes to this kind of food, I know it’s not, but it does feel good when I find a fellow free from foodie (Say that five times fast). Just a slightly desultory story, but one I thought might be worth sharing. That’s it for today, hopefully I’ll have something more exciting in future, or at least exciting as food can be. Exploding quinoa it is! Kidding…maybe.


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