Buckwheat Hobnobs Take Two

My gut tells me these won’t last long. Mouth agrees.

As usual the whole recipe is on it’s own page here, this is just a word about the tweak. I said I’d try chilling the dough for the Buckwheat Hobnobs and I finally got around to doing it. I like to keep my own schedule so blog updates can be sporadic  because of that. So you can see they do come out rounder than the first room-temp batch, but they still spread. Honestly I doubt there’s anything you could do to stop it that wouldn’t alter them too much. As I said before they taste great and really are like hobnobs. I have seen it suggested that baking powder can cause spreading, but there wasn’t much to back up the claim and they do rise in the oven so I’d be weary on leaving it out or even cutting it down. I did think of an Egg or Flax Egg, but that’d make them more like cookies and I already have a recipe for that.

I’m happy as they are now, they’re not perfect in appearance, but they taste great. You could probably try a large tray and smaller biscuits if you needed them perfectly round and attractive. As for me they’ll do just grand. Any way, have fun cooking and baking and hopefully I’ll have something new again soon.


6 thoughts on “Buckwheat Hobnobs Take Two

  1. I have found by an accident that the best buckwheat biscuits were from mixed buckwheat and millet grains, which I grinded myself into some coarse flour. The ratio was 280g of flour 125g butter 125g sugar and 1 egg. And these biscuits do not spread, they keep their shape. Buckwheat is an amazing flour, I now bake everything out of it.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. I’ve seen your biscuits and they look absolutely amazing. Sadly I can’t eat millet flour myself, but I’m sure anyone passing by here will be glad of the tip. Thanks very much for your comment.

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      1. The original recipe which I mentioned, uses only buckwheat flour and I used millet because I was not sure that it was possible to use buckwheat alone without getting bitter taste. I was so wrong. I made these biscuits many times, even for dairy free diet with lard instead of butter and all versions were excellent. I only regret that for so many years I did not realise that the best shortcrust pastry was the buckwheat one.

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      2. I think that’s one of the wonderful things about free-from baking, there are so many combinations to be discovered, when we step away from the more common gum and starch based baking it can open up whole new avenues of taste and texture that even gluten based baking may struggle to emulate. I’m afraid I’m still a novice, I’ve only been at this for 3 years or so, but I’m hoping to keep learning and trying out new foods and recipes. That’s why I’m grateful to people such as yourself for putting up so many wonderful recipes and helping people like myself learn how to bake and cook with these ingredients.

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      3. I completely agree with you about baking without wheat and other limitations. It is simply impossible to reproduce with wheat flour the same textures and amazing taste which can be achieved with variety of other grains, seeds and nuts. Improved nutritional value of baking products is an extra health benefit. Looking forward to your new recipes.

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