Sweet Seasonings and Unbuttered Parsnips

If nothing else the title of these posts may on occasion occasion a chuckle or two. Firstly I’ve updated the Sweet Potato Seasoning with the promised Sweet version it’s on the page. I could add it here, but I like to point people to the recipe page as there’s always a chance of new additions being added after this post has been posted. It’s a lovely recipe and although I always baulk at the smell of cinnamon, I will keep returning to it whenever I need my sweet potatoes seasoned.

Secondly, although I’ve said it before, will say it again and fine words butter no parsnips (Makes sense now, eh), I want to say thank you to everyone who visits the site. I do check out every blog from every blogger who drops by, there are so many amazing blogs that I’d be humbled if I wasn’t already and I appreciate any support that’s given to me. I should involve myself more via comments and whathaveyou, but I’m a lurker and always will be. That’s why I make a point of thanking all you fine folk whenever I can. In saying that, if you need help, have any comments or just a query never hesitate on asking me, I’m shy in regards to the larger blogosphere, but I’ll do all I can at Pep’s Free From Kitchen. We’re all in this together and, I hope, that every little bit counts.


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