Hard Shell Buckwheat Tortillas

Four for me and two as a testament to the wonder of buckwheat flour or as a snack.

I could say healthier taco shells, but healthier than the usual store bought ones ain’t hard. In all honesty anything home-made is probably healthier so just consider it redundant and implied. The silently healthier if you will. These also lack that grittiness you get with those shells not made from real tortillas. There’s also a recipe for the traditional shells (Here, it’s less greasy since it’s also oven baked) if you’re lucky enough to get corn tortillas. I’m not and I’m still in mourning for my soft tacos. *Sighs*

“This is a food blog! Not your platform for lamenting food shortages.” Er, yeah, I knew that. Anyway, Shells before baking. You could probably make them larger if you can hang them from an oven rack directly.

This recipe is of course the Buckwheat Flour Tortillas with a flax egg used. I thought it best to try without eggs so it’d be available to more people if it worked.¬† I mentioned before that they do crack and I figured that if they’re going to be dry they may make taco shells. Turning a strength into a weakness and all that. You could even do these in a bowl shape or probably even flat as faux tortilla chips. My oven isn’t the kind you’d hang food in to cook (Those racks haven’t seen silver in years) so I went with the classic kludge of a tray, baking tin and a wire-rack and nearly dropped the lot after baking. I was able to save them thankfully. Naturally the tweak has been added to the original.

I’m forgetting to tell you how they taste, aren’t I? They were actually better than in the pan because they didn’t break, they held the shape easily, whereas the flat ones need to be snapped in two. They’re slightly doughier in texture, though still have some crunch, than the standard shells so you avoid the cracking of a shell and an avalanche of gooey foodstuffs all over yourself. Taste wise they’re mild enough for a filling, but they aren’t the same as corn based tortillas, but you can’t expect that. I’m actually really pleased with these, they were fun and worked well. I won’t do them every time, but they’ d be nice as a treat here and there.

Pairs well with Mexican Spiced Chicken and Quinoa. If you can have nightshades, well then aren’t you special…I er mean, you could just make standard tacos…I miss chillies…wrong place, er, later!


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