Begging an Indulgence

There just something running through my mind currently that I feel, though not directly related to food, may be of some merit if written down. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m just pointing this out in a foreword in case you might think I’m abandoning the recipe side of the blog for pompous, bombastic speechifying, this is just a simple guy laying down his thought in the only way he knows how. But I there there may be some worth in putting it out there.

A suppose a little back-story is needed here. If you’ve read the About Page then you know that I’ve lost almost 10 Stone (About 137 Pounds), I did it myself, no-one set me on the path and no-one kept me on it, but myself, so I’ve learned a lot from my experience. Two and a half years of losing and in August it’ll be one Year stable. I like to think I’ve accomplished something worthy of note and regard. I did what I had to to achieve my goals and I’m still refining my aims and ideals as far as my health goes. But here’s the thing, until I’d lost 4 1/2 Stone I never even realised I was losing weight, you might find that strange, but my focus wasn’t on weight loss, it was on beating celiac disease, then thrashing nightshade intolerance and even managing histamine intolerance. Never in all that did I envision myself on a weight loss journey, remember that part, it’s important to the overall meaning of this meandering ramble.

Over the last few months I’ve found myself eating more junk food than I used to, which is strange, because I once managed to get it fully under control, but I did that whilst still losing weight. Now, thankfully, it wasn’t an extreme and I haven’t any worries about putting on the weight again, even if I didn’t focus on it I intend to keep it off, but I don’t like it. So I’ve decided to tackle it again, perhaps some day I’ll detail how I myself go about it, it may be of no use to anyone else because what works for one may only work for them, but that’s for another post.

Finally, coming to what lead to this post is this: I thought that if my weight was going to rise even without the junk, no reason it would, just an errant thought, which lead to me thinking: “Well, why bother cutting down at all then, if I won’t lose weight what’s the point”. See why I said to remember the above part? As soon as I tied my goal of cutting down my consumption of sweets to an arbitrary weight-loss goal my resolve started to crumble. It’s the reason so many dieters fail, once they lose the weight the diet dies and they fall back to old habits. Even in my case where everything is strictly maintained and watched I still almost fell into that trap.

So, gentle reader, what do we take from this? Simply put I know that I need a solid reason to do what I need to, weight-loss is transient, but health and happiness is forever. If I instead decide to cut out the junk to keep me healthy and happy then there’s no upper-limit to how worthwhile it is to keep striving toward that goal. Every step back is a failure right away, I’m not watching a scale and seeing if the numbers move, instead if I choose too much junk I’ve lost and failed myself. It’s all all or nothing, but the goal is ever expanding, it’s the proverbial carrot-on-the-stick, whereas the weight-loss will always stop at some future point and the feeling of elation will diminish leaving you alone to keep habits alive that no longer have a purpose as you think of it.

So ultimately what I’m saying is if you decide to get healthy and find your happiness you’ll always have to push forward, because going back is not even an option. Sure it’s harsh and hard, but if it wasn’t then we wouldn’t be inundated with the idea that weight-loss is the end game and nothing else matters. I’m just one voice in a cacophony of voices, but ask yourself: Even if it’s harsh isn’t it better to hear the truth? Life after weight-loss is the start, not the end, it’s tough and it tiresome and it’s probably the greatest accomplishment I’ve ever achieved. I refuse to go back and I refuse to stumble into the pitfalls that companies prey upon when doling out dietary advice and fools accept as an easy way out. If I can do it and continue to do it so can anyone. Don’t get caught like I almost did and so many other do! The fat days are dead for me and I ain’t going back, only forwards.

I feel a bit better after that, I hope it made sense, it may seem a simple point, but it does tie into a lot of problems I see with weight loss. Perhaps it’ll even help someone struggling out there. So that’s it, more recipes will be coming so don’t forget to keep an eye out for them!

Oh! Before I forget, the days I call “The Fat Days” are the days when I had all the weight on, I was miserable and heading down a dark route. I call them that because of Grim Fandango (It’s been Seventeen Years, but it stuck with me), the Fat Days were the times when they were alive, they then went to the underworld to work off their sins, like us all working at bettering our bodies and ourselves, they’d then go to Paradise, which seems like the perfect way to describe the point in my life when I sort out so much of the damage the fat days did. Just thought I’d explain that. Thanks for reading and take care.


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