Golden Fruit Loaf or Don’t Call it that Loaf

Fresh out of the oven and I was already being  told not to call it a Golden Loaf. Still calling it that. Bleh!

It has golden syrup in it and a slightly golden hue, I can get away with a little pretension can’t I? This is just a simple tweak of my Treacle and Tea Bread using Golden Syrup, one small aside: Is Golden Syrup actually available outside of Ireland and the UK? I grew up with it, but I have no idea, any way, it also has two eggs for a softer loaf, as seen in the Original Buckwheat Bread and I decided against soaking the fruit as I wanted it soft, but slightly dry to better serve as a delivery system for butter, kidding of course, but it does make a better tea bread when drier and spread with a bit of butter. This is the kind of food I grew up on so it’s nice to be able to make something similar using free-from ingredients.

Whether it’s because of the Golden Syrup or the Brown Sugar I have no idea, but the light golden colour is lovely and very different from the usual light brown of Buckwheat.

This tasted sweet with a lovely undercurrent (Or maybe under-currant…I’m sorry) of golden syrup, which is like a burnt caramel for the uninitiated. It’s similar to the treacle loaf, but it has a lighter, sweeter taste thanks to the golden syrup replacing the treacle. It’s really just a simple fruit loaf, but the extra egg and brown sugar manage to make it moist without being cakey.

As usual the recipe has been updated with this variant, it’s just easier than listing it fully separately, so pop over to the Treacle Bread page and it’ll all be there. You could use soaked fruit if you wanted to, but I prefer it as is. You could also use any kind of dried fruit like raisins, currants etc, even mixing it up with some glaze cherries and mixed peel. Don’t exceed the 150g though as the bread will start to crumble. That’s it for now, I’ll probably have one or two more Golden Syrup recipes before the bottle is empty so keep an eye out.