Flakes and Flour

Just a small tweak to an already variegated recipe. Yeah, I do this a lot, but that’s part of the fun of baking: Discovering new additions and subtle tweaks that change the taste, texture or the entire recipe. Nothing more dull than eating the same food over and over again and nothing more disheartening than having to bake the same food over and over again. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz, now where was I?

So it’s another addition to my Buckwheat Flour Bread, which makes it about …*Drumroll*… thirteen, or so, different kinds, from additional eggs, or no egg, to a whole other kind of bread. This is the way baking should be, a myriad of quests for something new and tasty, whilst never fearing to fall back on the tried and true classics. I have to bake this formyself every few weeks so I like to change it up.

This time it’s just a simple addition and a slight subtraction. I added 50g Buckwheat Flakes (I will have more recipes with these now that I have them again) and just using 170g of Buckwheat Flour, oh, it also uses slightly more water at 250ml. It’s all on the recipes page. It not a huge tweak, but I found it gave a nice crumb texture to the bread, not crumbly mind you, it was still as stable as ever. I didn’t bother with a photo because it looks identical to the standard loaf. That’ s it for today, I’ll hopefully have more exciting recipes to posts as I make my way through this packet of buckwheat flakes.