You Gonna Eat That?

Yup, I really did get around to eating the Squash Gnocchi.

I made this and froze it, but only now did I get around to eating this. I’m only one person! I can’t eat everything, at least not any more. I hate posting a recipe without trying it properly, or at all, so I thought I’d just put up an update on how the Gnocchi fared with squash instead of sweet potato. What a thrilling blog this is at times, huh?

Thankfully it tasted just fine, there’s definitely a squash-taste, but it’s fairly mild and it won’t interfere with any other flavours. I just had it with pesto, still made from herbs fresh from the garden, which is still a novelty to me, and some chicken and garlic. I still need to learn to make it smaller, as it is now I’ll generously call it rustic, but it all tastes the same and smaller means more fiddly. Nothing wrong with big and chunky.

It’s in a pan! That’s like, double rustic.

I managed to get some more buckwheat flakes so I’ll have a few recipes popping up in the next few weeks if all goes well. I also have two female squash blossoms starting so who knows what recipes the future holds. (Yeah, I know, squash ones, shaddup!) So if it’s quiet around here it’s just because I’m busy in the kitchen trying out whatever absurd fancies pop into my head. Until later.


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